Apple's patented sleep tracking method


News and Rumors: November 26, 2018

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Apple has received a patent, from which even a sleep-tracking solution must come. So far, the company has nothing to offer in this area. The necessary know-how has been around for some time.

A new patent recently awarded to Apple by the US Patent and Trademark Office describes several ways in which users can sleep. So far, Apple does not offer its own sleep tracking solution, such as Apple Watch.

The watch should not be the main source of data in this patent, much more Apple thinks of a kind of sleep tape that the user could pass over the chest before going to sleep.

In addition, a variety of sensors are conceivable, which are distributed throughout the bed and monitor the movements of the sleeper at night.

Competence already available

At Apple, the experience required for effective sleep monitoring already exists, even if you have not yet created a product from it. But the company had already acquired the health startup Beddit last year where they developed various sleep tracking solutions.

In addition to vital signs, such as the user's pulse, these also included external parameters, such as the ambient temperature in the measurements.

However, Beddit's products were taken off the market after the company was bought by Apple. It is unclear when Apple will launch its own solution, but it is likely that Cupertino will sooner or later go onto this topic.

A Healthy Sleep Apple has been a concern before, so it was already some time ago with the "bedtime" function a way in iOS to regulate its bedtime.

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