Apple is adapting to weak iPhone sales


Apple is adapting to weak iPhone sales

CUPERTINO. Apple iPhones are not selling as well as they used to, but the group still gets its billions of usual profits.

Apple Image: APA / AFP / Josh Edelson

Other products, from the iPad to Apple Watch, as well as the business, provide services to existing customers. Frs current quarter, the group expects sales of 55 to 59 billion dollars. In the same quarter last year, it had been well over $ 61 billion.

The new mast for the most profitable company in the world is no longer how many phones were sold in a quarter, but the first figure of 900 million iPhone users. In the latest Christmas deal, Apple earned just under $ 20 billion (17.5 billion euros). That was almost as much as in the same quarter last year, although sales fell 5 percent to $ 84.3 billion.

CEO Tim Cook reiterated that the reason for this decline was, above all, the iPhone's unexpectedly weak sales in China. But the strong dollar, which made Apple products more expensive in some regions, as well as fewer subsidies from mobile operators, also played a role. For the current quarter, Apple expects again with less sales than in the same quarter last year.

To compensate, Apple makes it easier, among other things, to provide older devices in payment. In addition, the group wants to cushion the price hikes by the strong dollar in some countries more than previously to consumers.

"Yes, I think price is a factor," CEO Tim Cook said on Tuesday to the analyst's question whether Apple has crossed the arc with new expensive models. However, he made it clear that he meant the currency effects and ever-smaller subsidies of mobile operators. In Japan, less than half of the smartphones sold were recently subsidized by network operators – a year ago, still three-quarters. "Our customers keep their iPhones longer," Cook said. He can not say how trading times will develop on the iPhone.

The sales figures or the average price of an equipment are no longer mentioned as announced. Cook said the newest model of the iPhone XR (from 849 euros) was Apple's most popular. Followed by the largest iPhone XS Max (from 1,249 euros) in front of the iPhone XS (from 1,149 euros).

According to calculations by market research firm Canalys, Apple sold 71.7 million iPhones – and this was even with a decline of 7.3% to the top position in the smartphone market. Because Samsung has reached 70.3 million devices. Canalys also provided an estimate for the sale of individual models: 22 million iPhone XR, 14 million iPhone XS Max, 9 million iPhone XS.

IPhone sales fell year on year, according to Apple, at about 15 percent, to just under $ 52 billion. So the smartphone still carried a good 61% of Apple Erlse – otherwise, there were more than two-thirds in part.

At the same time, the services business, which includes iCloud storage service, Apple Music streaming service and the group's share of Erlsen's application sales, grew 19 percent to $ 10.9 billion.

In the long iPad, the new, more expensive Pro model jumped 17 percent to $ 6.7 billion. The split with the Apple Watch computer clock, the HomePod speaker and other devices, such as the AirPods headphones, increased the conversion, even by one-third, to $ 7.3 billion. Business with Macintosh computers increased by eight percent to the previous record of $ 7.4 billion.

While it was disappointing to lose sales forecast for the Christmas quarter, the figures showed the strength of Apple's business in general terms, Cook said on Tuesday. The Group originally promised gains of up to $ 93 billion in the last quarter. Revenues in China fell year on year, from just under $ 17.96 to about $ 13.17 billion.

Apple's share has temporarily increased in the nachbrichen trade by more than five percent. At the end of December, the Group had cash reserves of $ 245 billion at the end of December.

The total number of active iPhone users was from the end of January to the end of December, an increase of 75 million, Apple said. Altogether, there are 1.4 million users of Apple devices.

In Germany, there was significant growth, Apple said, and was particularly pleased with the launch of the iPhone payment service, Apple Pay. At Deutsche Bank alone, more customers would have signed up for it than within a year of smartphone apps on the rival Android platform, Cook said.

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