Amokfahrer in Vienna stopped by shot in the thigh: deadlift


Vienna – A 43-year-old man was stopped overnight on Saturday after a widowed walk in Vienna – Floridsdorf for one of several gunshots fired by the police and fatally wounded. The man apparently under the influence of drugs was hit in the left thigh. Previously, he was driven with his car over 110 km / h on a police barrier.

Police were first alerted at 3 o'clock by several phone calls from young people and one woman. They reported a man who had apparently intentionally approached them on Jedlersdorfer Strasse with his car. After the request to stop him, he gave up briefly, they threatened the murder and left again, police spokesman Patrick Maierhofer said.

Even as city police officers run Floridsdorf in Jedlersdorfer Stra├če were busy recording the facts, the 43-year-old man again started. Attempts to stop it have failed. The man fled through several streets and finally drove through a large community building where he broke a barrier at the entrance. Even with several shots, he did not stop.

Life-threatening blood loss

Finally, the police tried to stop him on Jedlersdorfer Strasse, blocking the road with the car. The 43-year-old was shut down at about 110 km / h in the officials, was told in a police release. In this life-threatening situation, the police officers had fired several shots into the vehicle. The 43-year-old man ignored the barrier, but then slowed down and finally stopped.

Worsened condition

According to police, the police provided first aid until the arrival of the rescue workers. According to rescue spokeswoman Corina Had, the 43-year-old woman was taken to a hospital under resuscitation. The thigh injury would have led to a large loss of blood. His condition should have been stable in the middle. In a broadcast, police said the man's condition deteriorated during the day and he died at 2 pm.

The police, who initially provided assistance, had to be treated according to Maierhofer himself: Since the 43-year-old patient suffers from various infectious diseases, a contagion is not excluded.

The amokfahrer has, as has been learned, so far more than 50 police arrests. These included drug offenses, gun law violations, and assault. (APA)


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