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Amsterdam's Ajax continues their sensational campaign in this year's Champions League: the Dutch celebrated their 2-1 win in the first leg of the quarter-final against Juventus and entered the semifinals for the first time since 1997 after drawing 1×1. As with the second-round knockout against Real Madrid, Ajax corrected the climb – and this time it even became a backlog.

Because Ronaldo brought as a week ago Juventus leads in the lead. Despite the recent memory, the Dutch defender allowed the superstardom after a corner, because the Ajax captain of Ligt met Veltman his own teammate and Ronaldo thanked the 1-0 (28), his 64th goal in a knockout. Queen class play. Before the break, the Italians had the much anticipated Ajax attacks far better than the first match under control, but they still conceded the draw. A low shot from Ziyech found van de Beek in the wide area, scoring the final whistle to make the 1-1 (34-39). The defender of Juve Bernadeschi slept and clearly lifted the bar.

In the second half, Ajax came back, but twice Juventus could still thank goalkeeper Szczesny. The Polish rescued Ziyech (53.) and van de Beek (59.), but on the third attempt he was also beaten. After a corner of Ligt jumped higher than his opponents and headed in (67.). The Italians looked desperately in the episode Ronaldo, but two more goals (as in the second round against Atletico) and the turn did not reach it this time. Instead, he turned Ajax, a dream goal of Ziyech counted correctly, why not (81). The Dutch crowd did not dwindle, Ronaldo trotted in the meantime, looking shocked from the square.

Sovereign Barcelona

After an interval of four years, FC Barcelona returned to be in the semifinals of the Champions League and, for the last time in 2015, also got the last title so far. The 1-0 win at Manchester United was followed by the Catalans 3-0 in front of their own audience, as a winner of the match was allowed to celebrate goalkeeper Lionel Messi. With now 109 results, the 31-year-old is on the eternal roster of top-class scorers, number two behind the two-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo (126).

Before Tuesday, the Barça superstar had been 12 consecutive quarter-finals, without scoring against United, he emptied this sustainable spot. First, Messi was successful after a typical ground along the edge of the area with a kick in the far corner (16), then with the help of goalkeeper United of Gea (20). A possible third goal of the penalty was denied to the Argentine, because the referee Brych took his true whistle after a curious video (11). England's own hopes, fueled by a Rashford slap, just 40 seconds after kick-off, ended early.

In the second half, Barcelona were content not to allow United to come in front of their own goal and, as in the first match, the English did not find any solution to that. In the opposite side, the team of Ernesto Valverde ran ball and opponents. From time to time, the pace was tight, and soon threatened the danger: A beautiful cross from Alba Coutinho was finally tapped for the final score of 3 to 0 (61).



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