Airbus strives to fly completely emissions-free


The new head of Airbus Guillaume Faury wants to build aircraft that do not emit more harmful substances. "Our goal is completely emissions-free fly"he said the"Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung"from Saturday.

Smaller experimental models, which fly completely electrically, are just the first step: "If they are operational, we will gradually increase the engines," he announced. Faury against.

For this development "it would take a few years, but not decades," said the manager. "By the end of the next decade or early next decade, the launch of commercial operations is conceivable."

Global Agreements Needed

However, there are high Faury still some obstacles on the way to emissions-free fly, For aircraft free of pollutants, today's batteries were not enough because they were not strong enough. That is why hydrogen technology, as well as biofuels and synthetic fuels, should also be taken into consideration.

Climate protection is one of its main concerns, he said. Faury the newspaper. Concerning regulation, global agreements would be needed – "no island or regional island solution would be counterproductive".

Faury presided over a week and a half ago airbus in Tom Enders adopted. Previously, he was number two in the group.


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