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After the naked appearance on Maturaball: "It's all about the reputation of the school"


After the naked appearance on Maturaball: "It's all about the reputation of the school"

LINZ. The director of education, Klampfer, announces a conversation with the directors and ball organizers.

After the naked appearance on Maturaball:

In the Provincial Council of the School, it is desired that the teaching contents of HTL Wels be more in the foreground. (Icon) Image: Icon: Colourbox

The naked appearance of the German erotic model Micaela Schäfer on HTL Wels' Matura Ball – with around 5,000 visitors, one of Austria's largest Maturabälle – now also employs school authorities.

Alfred Klampfer, who heads the Provincial School Council as director of education, says in the OÖN interview: "At the moment, we are receiving a presentation of the facts and there will be a multi-faceted discussion with the organizers and the dance committee."

Although Klampfer points out that a graduation ball is not a school event and the invitation to Micaela Schäfer was made by the students' ball committee. "But we assume that principals have some influence on their students."

Information sheet for all schools

In any case, he would have provided information to all schools about Maturaball. "Of course we do not have much fun with it," says Klampfer. "I imagine another school promotion, which does not help increase the proportion of female students.

First of all, the direction of the school must have consequences. "Complaints to the school's parent association did not yet exist," says its vice president Helge Hosiner, who considers the performance "unsuitable for a ball." But the high school graduates organized it, and if they feel they need it, that's their decision. You are 18 or 19 and therefore of legal age. "

Responsible for the organization was a ball committee under HTL chemistry student Benjamin Bansal. "Above all, we wanted to polarize," he told OÖN yesterday. Schäfers's appearance began around 1:45 a.m. from the showroom.

"There were almost no parents, and those who participated saw everything very relaxed," says Bansal. What he knows only by rumors, "because I did not look at her naked dance, does not necessarily correspond to my personal moral conception." But "sex sells," says Bansal. (MIB / Wal / kri)

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