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After Sassy PK Statements: Investigation Against Max Verstappen


( – Max Verstappen threatens after his pole in Mexico is still a aftermath. The Red Bull driver must audition for race stewards because he has set the fastest time in the last sector despite the crash of Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) at the last corner (Formula 1 2019 happens on the clock). Despite the yellow flags, it was 0.001 second faster in the industry than in the first attempt.

Charles Max Leclerc, Verstappen

Max Verstappen admits he didn't slow down despite the crash zoom

The fact that the commissioners are investigating the case, but also has to do with their press conference statements. "I knew Valtteri had an accident," he admits frankly. And he slowed down? "It didn't look, did it?" He replies with confidence.

Deceleration under the yellow flag is a serious problem for security reasons and is often severely punished. Sebastian Vettel interrupted his lap when he saw the yellow flags.

However, the FIA ​​did not investigate the incident. Just over two hours after qualifying, they reported that they are still investigating the scene. They say Verstappens statements from the press conference must also be the cause.

"We all know what a yellow flag means," says Verstappen. According to regulations, drivers need to slow down and be ready to dodge. This is specified in Article 2.5.5 of Annex H of the Sporting Regulations. He did not do that, as he admits.

But the safety argument is too high for the Dutchman: "I think we know what we are doing, otherwise we would not drive a Formula 1 car, it is qualified and so you try."

Maybe Red Bull riders are threatened with an aftermath. However, he is not afraid of a punishment: "If they want to cancel the round, they must do so." Background: Verstappen's second time would be fast enough for pole position. However, there may be a penalty and a penalty. It cannot be excluded that the FIA ​​may resort to educational measures based on its statements and lack of discernment.

For its competitors, the situation is clear. "Everyone knows that if there is a yellow flag, you need to slow down," says Charles Leclerc. Also on social networks, many other drivers and former drivers are on the safety side.

For Verstappen, he says that in the crucial mini-sector, which again divided the sector into smaller sections, did not define the best moment. This was, however, according to the Dutchman's statements, coincidentally and unintentionally.

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