Accident with 3 banks – Banco Austria: No attempt to acquire | 4/20/19


A rare controversy among the major shareholders of the 3-Banken BKS, BTV and Oberbank listed.

At the
Regional banking group is speculated that in the three banks
involved the UniCredit Bank Austria after the BKS and possibly the same
after all attacks by the regional banking group. At the bank Austria
Both were denied at night.

UniCredit Bank Austria does not control any of the 3 banks and
nor intends to take control of BKS or
To get other regional banks, said a spokesman for Bank Austria
to the APA. This does not correspond to the current strategic plan.
Participation in the 3 banks is not strategic, he added.
he added.

The pivot of the current suspicions in the BKS was one for the
Public application of UniCredit Bank Austria
Special audit of capital increase in the Regional Bank of Carinthia.
This request came on Good Friday shortly before the deadline
Agenda of the Annual General Meeting of May 8. He has with
Cross-shareholdings of the 3 banks among themselves and by name
participation in the capital increase.

BKS CEO Herta Stockbauer does not assume that
the request of Bank Austria receives the majority in the general meeting,
as she told the APA on Friday night. The last-minute app
"came as a surprise, you can say that, it's for us
an enigma. "It's blanket in the bedroom, that
Capital increases have not been effective since 1994.
Mutual participation is permitted in Austria, but
would be treated in many groups. There is nothing to shake.

Bank Austria specifically shapes BKS in connection with
Capital increases between 1994 and 2018
Corporate governance and against corporate law. Consultations with
The organs of the bank so far are not answered, "conjectures" before the
Annual General Meeting was not resolved. In support of her
The examination request indicates to Bank Austria that BKS is indirect and i.a.
About Oberbank, this was announced by the ad hoc institute on Tuesday. O
BTVund, as well as the "BKS 2000
Investment Management "and in each case through the banks Generali 3
Holding "involved in itself". That is the reason
Guessing, according to the applicant, that in a capital increase
the BKS the subscription value "at least partially of the assets
the company itself was made ".

In addition, Bank Austria suspects that BKS will sell to individual investors
Shareholders, in particular Generali 3Banken Holding, "Financial
Society's means turned to Generali 3Banken
Holding to participate in the BKS capital increase
In the Austrian subsidiary UniCredit it is in a
Letter to the BKS from banned deposits return the speech.

BKS does not consider Bank Austria's arguments
durable. The mutual investments of the 3 banks existed
since the 1950s. Your safety is about the
Decades regularly audited by the most respected legal experts
and more recently in the implementation of the Basel III banking regulation package
was confirmed again, wrote the BKS in a broadcast.
That the admissibility of UniCredit regarding its special request for examination
the mutual participation of the members of the group of 3 banks
capital increase in question, the BKS can only with
explain that UniCredit is in control of this
Austrian Regional Banking Group. "The procedure is
unusual ", found the BKS, but the application due to
Shareholder position of UniCredit Bank Austria possible.

Just over ten years ago, Bank Austria
UniCredit – is currently direct and through an investment subsidiary
with about 30 percent of BKS – from its shares in the
3-Banks want to separate the sale of participation was then, but
ripped out.

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