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40-day strike ends agreement «


It was the longest strike in the US in 50 years. On September 16, General Motors workers stopped working. During Saturday night, a new collective agreement was ratified.

8:41, October 26, 2019

After 40 days of strike, GM employees celebrate their new contract
After 40 days of strike, GM employees celebrate their new contract © AP

The strike in the largest American automaker General Motors (GM) comes to an end after 40 days. Employees have a new collective agreement The UAW auto union announced Friday in Detroit. Therefore, the The biggest highlight in the US auto industry for almost 50 years has now ended.

GM had already reached a preliminary agreement with the UAW last Wednesday, but officials still needed to ratify it. Many employees of the US auto giant had resigned on September 16 following the failure of negotiations, the work. The UAW asked for a fair wage and affordable health insurance. In addition, she wanted to gain profit sharing and job security.

More salary and bonus payments

The compromise now reached, among other things, clearly more significant salary and bonuses before. In addition, GM has secured thousands of jobs with billions in investment in US production.

It was the first time in twelve years that GM went on strike. The outage is likely to have caused the group according to analyst costs of about $ 2 billion (about $ 1.8 billion). The deal between the UAW and GM is also indicative of the next deal with the other two major US automakers Ford and Fiat Chrysler. Investors received news of the strike earlier this weekend that GM shares did not show much reaction in after-hours trading.

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