Sunday , October 17 2021

36th Danube Island Festival comes to an end

The 36th Vienna Danube Island Festival is coming to an end. Because on Sunday, the three days, organized by the open-air show Vienna SPÖ, go to the final. One occasion for party manager Barbara Novak to take stock: "Overall, things went very well," she told the APA. The new area of ​​Ebner-Eschenbach, especially for women, has been well received and therefore should be an integral part.

The reason for the creation of the Ebner-Eschenbach area was that it came because of the island Prater, which had previously been in this area, repeatedly for discussions with the authorities, told the Landesparteisekretärin. "If there was conflict on the island, it was in that area." That's why they decided to do something new there. In the new area of ​​Ebner-Eschenbach, everything revolves around women and emancipation, on the stage only women artists appear.

This year's Danube Island Festival is the first to be completely organized under the leadership of Novak. She is very pleased with the exit. "The fact that time has happened, we had sensational visitor numbers on Friday and Saturday." One of the highlights was the concert of the legend of the austropolo Wolfgang Ambros on Saturday in the Festbühne, with the participation of about 100,000 people. In his opinion, this was one of the most legendary concerts of the Danube Island Festival: "It will have cult status. What happened there was incredible."

An idea for a readjustment would still have Novak: After the mass slaughter at Yung Hurn's concert in FM4 stage, where temporarily the inflow to the stage had to be stopped, could be considered, "if you can be even more flexible in the design of program, if everything is already there and changes stages ". But that was probably very difficult, she emphasized: "You have to logically work on these things for a long time and talk to the security people."

Another great theme this weekend was the weather. So far, this has gone well except for a few short showers this Sunday – contrary to current predictions: "We always listen: it will rain, rain, rain. main acts can go well, "she is confident.

Because rain not only keeps visitors at home, but also poses a problem for organizers in other respects: "Rain on the island is a true cost factor for us." In concrete terms, this means: "When it rains and the soil and the meadow will be destroyed, you have to restore everything. This can reach several hundred thousand euros. "

The budget for the Danube Island Festival is four million euros. Of these, the city contributes around 1.5 million euros in funding, with money going to the association Wiener Kulturservice, which promotes various events, as emphasized in the SPÖ. Around 2.65 million euros comes from the sponsorship and rental of stands. "At the moment we are running with zero budget, this only works. If the damage to the floor (the broken ground, note) is very large, you will pay very well.

Also next year, this will again be a Danube Island Festival. Traditionally, it takes place the last weekend before the start of the holiday in Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland. Preparations will begin only after the completion of the current festival. "The next week will be dismantled and the whole team will go on vacation in July." The first time the organization's team should meet after the National Council election in October to set priorities, revealed Novak.

With this year's focus on "Austropop" – 80 percent of performing artists came from home climates – the party manager was content itself. Of course, the "one or other good international act is something cool". "Maybe we can keep the focus of Austropop, but get a great international act. Let's see," she practiced in thought. It is also open for more news in the festival area: "We have already found a place where we consider: this is really a nice place because we could come up with something new." But she did not want to reveal more,

It was a polyglot on the big central stage called the Ö3 stage on Sunday: Alvaro Soler – with German roots but born in Barcelona – and the Canadian Alice Merton had a date there. The latter has already made its musical origin on the subject.

In No Roots, the super-hit of 2016, she reflects on the fact that she has lived in many countries – which ultimately led to a certain loss, as she said in interviews. However, there was jubilation for the debut single, it is by far the singer's best-known song.

Many a heart probably hits Alvaro Soler's performance higher. The German singer of Spanish roots is considered a heartthrob. He had all his famous hits "La Cintura", "El Sismo Sol", "Sofia" for the new single "La Libertad" in the luggage, the public liked the Latin rhythms.

The saying of the evening provided the man, who would be found in the line-up before Soler: DJ Felix Jaehn, also from Germany. He was so excited about the atmosphere on Danube Island that he shouted at his best Viennese: "That was easy, Oida." He also made an effort, posed on his turntables and encouraged the public to all kinds of practical activities.

The start of the stage was made by the young Austrian duo King & Potter – also known as Benny König and Martin Hafner. The two artists, who gained their breath as street musicians, expressly thanked their listeners for persevering despite the rain, which was still intense at the time.

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