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14 months after Aviciis's death: girlfriend Tereza is in love again


Tereza Kačerová can finally smile again! After the death of star DJ Avicii (✝28), her partner shared her deep sorrow with fans: with videos, photos and texts moving, the model repeatedly recalled her deceased love. On the first anniversary of the Swedish death, the young woman published a moving post. But now the blonde surprises her followers with a happy message: Tereza is in love again!

In her InstagramProfile told the 26-year-old snapshot earlier in the week that probably speaks for itself: Super happy posing Tereza with a young man playing and licking his cheek. She also wrote a long text in the photo explaining her feelings: "When my heart broke last year, I lost control, and I decided to end it, the best way to protect my heart from pain was to pretend I had none, so I met someone!" However, she was initially unable to lead a healthy relationship and tried to sabotage the novel. "But I began to feel something for him," said Terezea. She then sought the help of a life coach and hypnotized to trust her new love – successfully. "So we're incredibly passionate, vulnerable, happy!" He summarized his situation.

in Tereza new friend is like in Avicii again for a Scandinavian DJ: Morten Breum is a Danish music producer who lives as the influencer in Los Angeles. Also optically, men are quite alike.

Avicii and girlfriend TerezaInstagram / terezakacerovaImage Gallery Button
Avicii and girlfriend Tereza
Tereza Kačerová, ModelInstagram / terezakacerova

Tereza Kačerová, Model
Morten Breum in Los Angeles, November 2018Instagram / mortenofficial

Morten Breum in Los Angeles, November 2018

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