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by Uli Petersen

The current US champion is more than impressive in the world cup women's soccer tournament that began in France: the Americans decided to start against a crushing world ranking in Thailand with a world record for themselves: 13 goals reach the US girls – five of them alone went to Alex Morgan's account.

Once, Americans were hit in Thailand in nearly 35 years of international history before the World Cup qualifiers on Tuesday (11.06.19): a few weeks after the 2016 Olympic Games, there was a 9 to 0 in a friendly. Even more clearly decided the USA now also the first competitive game against the Asian for itself: After 45 minutes top was in the 3: 0 interval, at the end of the game rejoiced the many fans of the reigning world champions at the Stade Auguste-Delaune in Reims at 13 : 0 on the biggest victory of the World Cup of all time. So far, the German national team has kept the record – on the way to winning the title at the 2007 World Cup in China, the DFB team was eliminated in the first round by 11-0 against Argentina.

Already in the interval, everything is clear

The Americans were far superior to their almost unfortunate adversaries. Statistics showed a 15: 1 shot at break, nearly 75 percent possession and a much better tackle record. The strong in defense under pressure Thai women brought the game through not even every second ball to a teammate. The experienced American girls – at the age of 29, placed the oldest team of all 24 teams – explored the cold: After an offside hit by her (6th), Alex Morgan found the flank of Kelley O & Hara in The 12-minute header for 1-0, Rose Lavelle (20th) and Lindsey Horan (32) quickly made a preliminary decision. At least now it has become clear that Thai women do not put up a team that can compete with the Americans.

Alex Morgan meets five times

It had the US in the quarter-hour before the break still gracefully shown with their opponents, regarding further successes, which quickly changed after the break: Samantha Mewis (50) met 4: 0, before Morgan (53 ), Mewis (55) and Lavelle (56) were allowed to cheer for their own goal for the second time tonight with their teammates. At the moment, nothing has been seen from the resistance not only of inferior Thai women, playful, but also inferior.

Morgan scored his third goal of the night (74 & # 39;) and the towering Megan Rapinoe (79 & # 39;) hit 9-0, before Morgan put the ball in the corner and turned the result to & # 39; double digits & # 39; (80%). Mallory Pugh (85th) set the DFB record, Morgan (87th) was then set aside to mark the World Cup with his fifth goal in the evening – and the final point was finally scored by Carli Lloyd (90 + 2). It was the 40th (!) Shot in the Americans goal in a game that is described as "unilateral" only very inadequate. Where the US are after this Tor intoxication, but they do not know – for Thailand was only a very weak opponent.

For the US, it can only get tougher now

Asian women scored a win in the first round against Ivory Coast four years ago in their World Cup debut in Canada but lost the play-offs. This fate threatens them this year: also against Sweden (16:06:19) and Chile (20:06:19), it must be difficult after the performance shown against the United States to score in the first round.

The US, on the other hand, will not be seriously challenged for the first time in a week against Sweden in the third game. You must be right – because to make the title defense dream come true, the three-time world champion in the last 16 and four other games must be contested successfully – all against opponents who are not compared to Thailand.


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