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A good number of 1200 people employed by private educational institutions will lose their jobs next year, according to the newspaper Der Standard. The reason for this is the austerity program that the government has asked for the employment service.

The AMS budget should be cut in 2019 by € 1.5 billion. Exact numbers have not yet been corrected. The AMS Board of Directors has not yet approved the budget decision due to some outstanding issues of the Ministry of Finance. There should have been a meeting on Tuesday. However, this was canceled and postponed to December.

However, it is clear that the special budget for the year of the integration of refugees of 50 million euros will be completely canceled.

Unemployed coaches should be supported

Michael Sturm, director of private education, estimates that half of the coaches who lost their jobs will not find a new job. To help them, the social partners have launched a type of foundation. The foundation's funds should serve to enable future educators to qualify and qualify for a new job. The Public Employment Service should provide funding of around seven million euros for this, a spokeswoman confirms upon request.

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