What classic Ferrari prototypes can you find in the new P80 / C?


McLaren should take note – Ferrari's new P80 / C proves that extreme aerodynamics need not have a face that only a mother could love. The exclusive track-only GT was commissioned by a customer in 2015, which encouraged designers and engineers in Modena to run wild with imagination and push technological frontiers to create a modern sports prototype truly worthy of the legendary cars from which it would be inspired. Free of the homologation restrictions of a street car, Flavio Manzoni and his talented team did just that. They took a 488 GT3 as a base, mainly because it is a very good racing car, but also because it is 50 mm longer than the 488 GTB and the designers always wring their hands with joy when they have more space to play.

The result is a dramatic body that is somehow incredibly well resolved and elegant, but outrageous and straightforward at the same time. For us, it looks like a mix of the Deborah SP38 with the larger FXX K. And if you study the design for a bit more, you really can choose several aesthetic clues from those classic 1960s prototypes like slatted. rear decklid similar to that found in the 206 S, the clever headlamp slits that give the impression of the entrances on the nose of the 330 P3 and the unmistakable circular rear hips of the 330 P4. Even the huge bucket seats in the Spartan hut are trimmed in blue Alcantara, a nod to the delicate blue chairs found in the 250 LM. In fact, Ferrari is so convinced of the beauty of the P80 / C that designed the huge rear wing to be easily detached when the car will inevitably be displayed on the lawn of the Concours.

It's also fast, as you can imagine – since it will not compete in any competitive racing series, which would require the V8 engine with two turbochargers to be weakened because of the performance balance, the P80 / C's powertrain has been completely unhindered. Maximum performance is key and certainly does not look like it is in the beautiful video produced by Blackbird Automotive above. Stick the kettle and enjoy …

Photos: Ferrari / Video: Blackbird Automotive


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