We told the Transport for NSW about the changes of the light rail George St: Ausgrid


This testimony was repeated by the Labor members of the inquiry. The transportation to NSW had previously reported that it "became aware" of Ausgrid's move to the guidelines only when they were communicated to Acciona, the construction company that built the project, on February 27, 2015.

Bede Noonan, managing director of Acciona Australia, had previously said that the change in the guideline had the "major impact" on Circular Quay for the Randwick and Kingsford metropolitan train line.

Noonan said the guidelines, which were provided to Acciona on the day the terms of its government contract were finalized, were "completely different" from what had been included in a timeline for that contract.

"Acciona estimated that it would result in a delay of 865 days – or more than two years and four months – and an additional cost of $ 426 million, just for civil works," Noonan said.

In response to a warning question asking when Transport for NSW "became aware that Ausgrid had new guidelines," the transportation agency said it received these guidelines "at the same time as Acciona."

The Labor opposition, which has opposed the use of George Street as a subway route for three years, has accused the government of keeping contractors in the dark about changes in dealerships.

"This is a scandal that has cost the public dearth – hundreds of millions of dollars have been wasted as a result of a cover-up," said Shadow Infrastructure Minister Michael Daley.

Acciona is a member of the ALTRAC consortium, which is claiming a $ 1.2 billion damages claim against the government over what it considers to be misleading and misleading conduct related to the surface metro line.


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