Watch the dramatic moment that the shooter shoots and misses, aiming at close range



April 18, 2019 15:24:58

NSW police issued dramatic footage of surveillance cameras from the moment a hooded sniper attempted to shoot a man at close range, in what they described as a "reckless" attempt at murder.

Key points:

  • The man fired four or five shots in the garage around 2:20 pm Tuesday.
  • He lost the 31-year-old, ran from the scene and fled in a black Mercedes
  • Police said it was a targeted attack and invaded seven properties

The shooter can be seen running to the 31-year-old victim in western Sydney – shortly after arriving at the house – before aiming a gun at him and firing four or five shots, around 2:20 pm Tuesday.

Detective Superintendent Brett McFadden said it was clear the shooter intended to kill his target, however, the 31-year-old has escaped injury.

"The fact that none of the shots could hit the target is … I can not explain how that did not happen," he said.

"There is no doubt in my mind that the intent on the part of the offenders was to inflict serious bodily harm or to kill the intended target.

"These are not isolated incidents, this is a targeted attack linked to other activities where the intended target was more involved."

Detectives said the gunman and the other felon went to the victim as he was entering his home in the suburb of Caddens, west of Sydney.

The pair fled in a black Mercedes A45 coupe with the fake Victorian AAV 765 sign.

The car was burned shortly after, at 2:50 pm in Merrylands, about 30 km from the house where the shooting took place.

Superintendent McFadden said police had invaded seven properties this morning to try to stop any possible retaliatory attack.

"We are pleased that this is part of a series of incidents," he said.

"The activities we do today are designed to suppress the activities of those who may seek retribution or retaliation.

"People who are involved in or become targets in these offenses create a wall of silence – we are working painstakingly during the investigation, but we are finding some resistance from those involved."

Police are appealing to anyone who witnessed the shooting or who may have caught the sight of the black Mercedes moving away from the scene.






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April 18, 2019 15:05:52


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