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Warframe Fortune Update hits PCs this week


After a week of puzzling ARG jigsaw puzzles, Digital Extremes finally … well, just officialized what we already knew. The new feature-packed Fortune update from Warframe is being released on PC this week. The most remarkable thing that Fortune brings with it is, of course, the new open world area on Venus, which is supposedly larger than the previous open world efforts of the popular science fiction shooter, Plains of Eidolon. Staying around such a large area became easier – and cooler – with the introduction of brand-new K-Drive hoverboards, which will allow you to use tricks to traverse the frozen landscape of Venus on missions to the new game factions or maybe just for make a place for hunting or fishing.

Along with the new trailer unveiled yesterday evening confirming the launch date of Fortune, DE also posted all the details of the new update on its official website. Check out some of the highlights below:


There in the underground city of Fortuna, you will get to know the Solaris: a society of individuals with increased body that live in hospitalization for debts under the rule of Corpus. Solaris live in fear of being "retaken" – removal of limbs and cybernetic organs by repo squads of Nef Anyo. Despite living in terror and debt, the Solaris are a hopeful community that prides itself on their efforts for terraformes of Venus.

A dismantled front end, Solaris United struggled to free Solaris from the "Taxmen" Corpus. It is unclear why the movement is over, but rekindling the rebellion in Fortuna is the key to a free Solaris society.

Made with stolen Corpus technology, the turbocharged K-Drives are ideal for the mountainous landscape of the Vallis. Find Ventkids – a local street gang living in Fortuna's ventilation wells – to create your own custom K-Drive, then prepare the K-Drive Mods to increase your top speed, increase speed, and more.

Wildlife has returned to the Vallis, but the Corpus is destroying these creatures for its Food and Research Division. Work with The Business to track down these endangered species, reassure them and extract them safely, out of reach of Taxmen.

Located in the eye of a snowstorm, the Orb Vallis was once a scorching desert. When Solaris reactivated Orokin's cooling towers, life reappeared in the Vallis. Gigantic mushrooms sprang from the snow, and four-legged Virminks appeared in the valleys. Through its blood, sweat and tears, the Solaris land has transformed this arid region into a beautiful and hospitable world – but the Corpus is destroying this delicate balance in its quest for profit.

When exploring the Vallis, beware of mechanical machines similar to spiders known as Raknoids. These Corpus-designed creatures range in size and lethality, from tiny mites to the huge, invulnerable Orbs that hover over the region. The brightest of Fortune are currently researching how to bring down these Orbs

You can read the rest of the new features, which include MOA Companions, Kitguns, Underground Caves to Explore, Advanced Mining and Fishing, New Enemies and Corpus Facilities, Rewards to Capture, New Weapons and Cosmetics and more. The "plus" in this case, also including Garuda, the new "blood-based" warframe.

Garuda's four abilities were also detailed, as can be seen below.

Tear down the life force of an enemy and use it as a shield that captures damage. Click to channel damage captured on an explosive projectile.

Unleash an enemy on a claw altar and siphon the health of Garuda and his allies.

Garuda sacrifices his health to generate energy.

Click to expand the targeting area, drop to send Garuda's claws by leaning toward each target in the area. Surviving enemies are prone to bleeding.

That's a lot of content for Tenno to get stuck. Just PC Tenno for now, this is so. DE has not yet revealed a release date for Fortuna for console players (like me), but they said they will be there "soon".

Last update: November 6, 2018

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