Sunday , June 20 2021

Video leaked from the supposed pixel 3 Lite Details almost anything, including a release date

It seems that Google has a real problem with secrets because after a Russian blog shared information about the upcoming Pixel 3 Lite last year, a full review of what appears to be a pre-production of Pixel 3 Lite was recently uploaded to YouTube .

According to previous leaks, Andro News states that the Pixel 3 Lite shown in the video removed passes the code name "Sargo". The device apparently confirms some details from previous reports, such as its plastic body, Snapdragon 670 processor and 5.5-inch screen.

However, there are some notable changes and tips on new information about Pixel 3 Lite in this video, including a possible launch window. Andro News says the Pixel 3 Lite will be available on Google I / O 2019, which usually takes place in May. In addition, this apparent Pixel 3 Lite also sports a headset, which is something Rozetked claimed that the phone had no leakage from 2018.

Other differences between this device and the Pixel 3 standard include speakers mounted at the bottom instead of front stereo speakers in Pixel 3, slightly larger panels and what appears to be a new light blue color option.

In addition, unlike the Pixel 3, the device comes with 32 GB of basic storage, which is a bit insufficient for the new phone in 2019. However, as a medium-sized phone and with the support of the various storage options in Google's cloud, the Pixel 3 Limited storage of Lite would not be a good deal.

According to Andro News, the really interesting part about Pixel 3 Lite is the ability to take pictures. That's because although the Pixel 3 Lite has only a 12MP rear camera, it apparently comes with a new autofocus sensor and image quality similar to the Pixel 3 standard. That's a pretty big statement, but since a lot of the magic of the Pixel 3 photo is in the software, it is not totally unbelievable.

Based on the Russian language scenario seen at the beginning of the Pixel 3 Lite, it is possible that Andro News and Rozetked could share the same source when it comes to getting prototype drives. However, the new color scheme and headset in this leak suggest that Andro News may have gotten a slightly more up-to-date sample.

Anyway, if the Pixel 3 Lite turns out to be similar to what has been shown so far, we could be looking at a really solid mid-range phone and possibly the true spiritual successor to the now defunct Nexus phone line. The only important detail about which we do not yet have much information is the price. However, if the above background is an indication, I hope we get more tips as we get closer to Google I / O in May.

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