Vegans now have their own fashion and the internet has reacted


A European fashion brand has become the latest theme of ridiculing the internet after it has launched a pair of totally impractical vegan leather sandals.

As if the vegans had not suffered enough suffering after last month's protests, now even their fashion is being attacked.

Wake fashionistas everywhere may be stumbling on their cashew cheese to trap a couple of these puppies, but why exactly, remains a total mystery.

Budapest-based Yush veil leather sandals Yola, will cost $ 522 and come in pink, black and pink.

They were released during the spring fashion season of 19 in New York.

Strangely, vegan leather was the undisputed success of New York Fashion Week last month, with labels taking off feathered dresses, pencil skirts, jackets, and yes, left, right and center sandals.

But it was the Budapest-based Nanushka label that stole the vegan show, showcasing its newest line of animal leather clothing on the catwalk.

The label uploaded several photos of its pillows to the feet on Instagram, but their efforts seemed to collapse, simply because no one could imagine everyone wearing their product outdoors.

The shoe looks like someone fought a balloon animal with his foot and called it a shoe.

Net-A-Porter – The Place Where You Can Buy The Shoes – claims that they are designed by an Instagram influencer who turned designer, Sandra Sandor.

"They are made of soft vegan leather in a" Pale Caramel "tone and have thick padded straps on the ankles and toes," the website said.

"The cushioned soles are very comfortable too."

A Net-A-Porter spokeswoman told Glamor magazine that Nanushka has performed "exceptionally well" since launching last year.

Maybe people like the sustainable and cruelty-free manufacturing approach – who knows?

What we know for sure is that even the softest and most ethical touch can not make these vegan leather sandals more attractive.

Nanushka was contacted by to comment.


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