Saturday , October 23 2021

USA vs Thailand 13-0, FIFA Women's World Cup


The US team beat Thailand 13-0 at the Women's World Cup, a record tournament fixture, but was criticized for "disgusting" goal celebrations against the no.

Superstar Alex Morgan – who wears No. 13 – scored five goals in the rout, which left some Thai players in tears.

It was the biggest margin in tournament history (previously Germany's 11-0 victory over Argentina in 2007) and most of the goals scored in a game by a team. Morgan's team drew the record in the only game with one player (maintained by Michelle Akers).

The No. 1 Americans in the world were simply a different class from the Thais, who were playing their first World Cup match in Group F. Morgan, who also scored three assists, opened the scoring in the 12th minute and the sluices opened.

Rose Lavelle (2), Samantha Mewis (2), Lindsey Horan, Megan Rapinoe, Mallory Pugh and Carli Lloyd were the other top scorers at the start as emphatic as possible for the champions and three-time champions.

"We really just got into the game really wanting to show us," Morgan said. "Every goal is important in this tournament and that's what we're working on."

The USA scored 10 goals in the second half – when things got really ugly.

Morgan began counting his goals on his fingers and did a swinging dance with a line of bench players. Even veterans like Rapinoe, who made 9×0, went well beyond the top by celebrating their goals in the draw.

Former Canadian players Clare Rustad and Kaylyn Kyle could not believe what they were seeing.

"I just think they could have won with some humility and grace, and they just could not do it," Rustad said in the TSN broadcast.

"Celebrating goals at the end of the game is totally unnecessary.What is that?"

Kyle was even tougher, saying: "They are the number one team in the world and, to me, I'm disgusted, honestly.

"You are going against a team that is the first time in the World Cup, they are happy to be there. Celebrate, I understand, like a Mallory Pugh.

"But these people telling their goals, this … I'm ashamed. I was a female professional athlete, there are kids watching this and celebrating when it's eight, nine, ten …

"I said in the pre-game, yes, you want to score a lot of goals, yes, you want to leave your mark because of the difference of goals, but there is a way to do that and that is not the way for me"

However, Morgan was also praised for a nice gesture at the end of the game when she comforted a tearful Thai player.

It was a hiding place in all respects for Thailand, which could not have received a more difficult task for the World Cup debut.

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