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Developer of undisclosed cryptography recently received a prestigious award from the ACS (Australian Computer Society) for his achievements. The ACS recognized its achievements and honored it with the title "ICT researcher of the year.

Professor Joseph Liu is the head of development and creator of the ring signing algorithm, which is an important technology used in Monero. He initially developed and published in an article back in the year 2004.

Unsung encryption developer on his official website thanks ACS for recognizing his accomplishments, saying he is overwhelmed and honored to receive the prestigious award from ACS. The Australian Computer Society is an important professional body in Australia that represents the ICT industry.

The RingCT, as it is popularly known, has become one of the most famous technologies because of its execution in Monero. Monero is the most popular anonymous cryptography and is currently considered the tenth largest virtual currency with a market capitalization of about $ 1.4 billion.

Joseph Liu on his website reports on his experience when he discovered that his creation had been implemented within the Monero without his recognition. He added that they did not even reward him for his creation.

Professor Joseph Liu is currently Professor Monash University who is in Australia. In January of next year, Liu's current position will become an associate professor. Liu once said that he fulfilled his role in developing the technology of Monero and added that he is currently working on an encryption project called Hash.

Hash is claimed to be a "double-stranded parallel ecosystem" with a later quantum signature technology. It consists of three important components, such as Hash, Hyperexchange and Hypercash.

About ACS and its awards

ACS is the professional organization for ICT in Australia (information and communication technology sector). It was found in the year 1966. The association's president is Yohan Ramasundara and the CEO is Andrew Johnson.

The Digital Distribution Awards of this year's Australian Computer Society (ACS) is the latest in an annual event that recognizes the accomplishments of many organizations and individuals across Australia. The association's latest achievements include attending the World Economic Forum in September this year.


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