Union LA x Nike Air Jordan 1 Event with Chris Gibbs


The Union LA x Nike Air Jordan 1 sneaker finally fell this weekend and, to coincide with the launch, an official IRL event was held in Los Angeles. The secret location was a gigantic warehouse located in the South Korean section of the city – the place looked more like a mini-convention than its usual "retail store", which most expected. Instead, the lucky lottery winners who entered the Union LA draw were instructed to go into the secret fall, where inevitably fans still had to line up to get their kicks.

Union LA owner Chris Gibbs was also on site to welcome fans and the community, and to host some of the event's facilities. There was the Union LA x Nike Air Jordan 1 wrapped in ice, official clothing backed up in frame-shaped contraptions and a colorful floor tile that gave the space an extra factor.

Overall, it looked like the event was a success, as the winners got the pairs in the right order, avoiding the usual chaos that usually comes with a release of that magnitude. In addition, participants also had the chance to team up to interact with other tennis fans in the community. As for the online launch, where some consumers failed to secure a pair, because they were called to be bots by the Nike website, well, that's another story of their own.

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