Unicode Consortium launches list of 230 new emojis for 2019


The new emojis for 2019 have been released and there is one that is already causing quite a stir.

Emojipedia has launched its list of new animated images at night with many praising the inclusion of various disabilities, gender inclusive couples as well as various skin tones of people hand in hand.

In total, there are 230 different emoji including 171 variants of gender and skin tone.

The new emojis for 2019.
Camera iconThe new emojis for 2019.Scenario: Emokipedia

The list also includes new animals such as laziness (yass!), Pink flamingo, orangutan and otter, as well as a yawning face, diving mask, yo-yo, Saturn (ringed planet), band aid, drop of blood and a bikini of complete part.

But it is the addition of the nipping hand that had the biggest reaction in social media, with many praising the simple gesture of the hand for its many uses.

Women all over the world seeking a simple but equally ardent response to an unsolicited image of the male anatomy can now relax. Emojipedia created the perfect answer.

Emojis will start appearing on cell phones in September, but some platforms may start releasing them earlier.

Happy text messaging!


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