Friday , July 23 2021

Two Silicon Valley cats live in their own studio

This story will do nothing to dispel the rumors that cats are the absolute divas of the animal kingdom.

Two feline felines are living on a large scale in their own apartment in Silicon Valley after their owner, Victoria Amith, failed to move them to their interstate student accommodation.

Louise and Tina are happy to have escaped the dog (KPIX 5)

After plans came to live with the cats Louise and Tina at her father's house (apparently her fiancé's dog did not like the couple), Victoria and her father opted for the drastic solution to their own place.

"It's peculiar, is not it?" Said landlord David Callisch.

"People love their pets, they are part of their family." Quirky and expensive, at $ 1500 per month (AU $ 2,100).

Love Life (KPIX 5)

David figures that cats will keep for themselves and enjoy hanging around the cat tree.

And although there is no kitchen in the small studio, something tells us that Tina and Louise have little food.

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