Travelers pay more for public transportation as of Monday, while Opal rates increase


Users of trains, buses, ferries and light trains will pay more for Monday's route, with the average adult fare rising to $ 2.87.

Transportation to NSW has raised all Opala rates by 1.9 percent, according to inflation, which means that the maximum adult fare for a train or subway ride will increase by 17 cents to $ 8.86. A bus trip will increase by nine cents to $ 4.80.

Opal fees increase on Monday.

Opal fees increase on Monday.

However, seniors and pensioners who use the Opal Gold card will not have to pay more than $ 2.50 a day – the current daily limit.

"Picking up the train, the bus, the ferry, the subway or the light subway is still a much cheaper option than driving," Transport Minister Andrew Constance said.


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