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The Moto blind spot detection system

Between platforms like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, and the emergence of smartphone technology, the world of motorcycles has witnessed an influx of handsets and accessories to the aftermarket in the past two years. A recent on-the-scene aftermarket is a new motorcycle-mounted radar system that alerts passengers to vehicles approaching the blind spot, working in the same way as the types of systems commonly found in modern cars.

The main component of the device, which does not appear to be much larger than a pager, is mounted on the back of the bicycle or the number plate, facing back. The system's radar has a 30-foot field within which it can detect vehicles – including other motorcycles – and the unit turns on automatically when the motorcycle begins to move. If the system does Feeling a vehicle approaching the blind spot of the bike, the pilot is alerted by flashing lights that install on the mirrors as well as a haptic vibration system in the seat – the latter is pointed out as powerful enough to be easily noticed on the huge noise of a motorcycle engine.

Senzar Unit

The system, dubbed the Senzar BlindSpot Detection System. or BDS for short, comes from Cub ElecParts Inc, a Tawian company that produces pressure monitoring systems for tires, sensors and other auxiliaries. Recently the company branched out to detect blind spots in the aftermarket for RVs, trailers and motorcycles. Although I can definitely see some practical use for the Senzar system on baggers and other bikes with luggage or motorcyclists on tour, for just about any other type of two-wheeled vehicle, I would say that turning the head eliminates any blind spot, and that pilots we must be checking over your shoulder and not just relying on your mirrors.

The Senzar BDS is currently available for pre-order and is offered at noon, which still results in a non-substantial price tag of $ 399. And for that price do you think the system might be wireless … that is not. Although the company's website shows a countdown clock apparently in January, the product still does not appear to have been released, with the page continuing to advertise its 50% pre-sale agreement, any mention of a sending or posting encounter.

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