SPIKE BITCOIN PRICE: What's happening on Earth?


Bitcoin Price Peak

Bitcoin has just enjoyed an explosive price spike that has left more experienced observers scratching their heads.

Depending on the exchange you were looking at, the price rose up to 20% in the space of an hour, reaching $ 5,000.

Prices that have not been seen since November and the peak ends a three-month period of unusually low volatility for the digital currency.

On Twitter, there are complaints that the Binance website has slowed down by the sudden demand for purchase.

Outstanding Bitcoin Specialist Mark Jeffrey tweeted "whoa I assume this is not fools April?"

"Every time I click on reload, the BTC goes up $ 100. That's crazy!"

There is speculation that short positions are being settled quickly, spurring the rapid increase in the price of Bitcoin.

The CryptoBull tweeted, ironically, "and if it never stops."


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