RnB Fridays Live: captivating rap by Grant Denyer


Well, it's safe to say that Grant Denyer should not leave the television or the radio for a rap career anytime soon.

The popular TV presenter and radio presenter gave a decent performance of Ice ice baby by Vanilla Ice for a crowd of thousands on Saturday night.

Denyer, wearing a faux gold costume, including a Gold Logie chain, came out on the stage of the RNB Fridays Live as "G Diddy", changing the song lyrics to "Grant, Grant, Denyer."

"No one else needs to ask who the whitest creature in pop culture is," one person said on the Instagram.

Fans Demand Refunds After "Worst Show Ever"

People shrank, but many thought the performance was hilarious, with one saying that his Logie necklace was probably heavier than him.

"We all have this friend!" Said one person.

Another asked, "How many drinks does this man have?"

Today, FM broadcasters said that Denyer was backstage in terror.

Fans have taken to social media to applaud Denyer for his efforts.

"That's the best thing I've ever seen," they said.

"G Diddy you were absolutely off the hook.

"Only when Australia thought they could not love you anymore."

The crowd finally got Usher.


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