Real estate listing Victoria hides "nightmare"


Everyone is talking about this "perfect family home" – for all the wrong reasons.

The three bedroom and one bathroom home, located in the suburb of Coolaroo, Melbourne, has been on the market for several weeks.

But now it has become a viral sensation after several eagle-eyed Australians have realized that the decor is unusual.

The exterior of the brick house is totally unpretentious – but inside, it's a very different story.

The house features bold color schemes, with several rooms decorated in deep red, purple, pink and lime green and furniture.

And Twitter users were quick to laugh at the expense of the house.

"Geezus. It's like a brothel and Barbie's dream house was half-mother-of-a-bitch, "one Twitter user quipped, while another said," Batman's opulent living rooms, that's too red! "

"Holy sh * t this is magnificent. I am very proud of my country of origin, "commented another, while another wrote:" This is hilarious. It's as if inside the bottle of Jeanie I dreamed of Jeanie.

And another said, "It's as if they find Silvio Berlusconi hiding in a safe house in the suburb of Coolaroo."

The real estate listing of the house makes no mention of the exclusive interior design, describing it only as "the perfect family home" which is "a short walk to the train station, schools, parks and public transport".

The house has three large bedrooms, three sitting areas and two outdoor balconies, among other features.

It is being sold by First National Real Estate Meadow Heights and is expected to gross $ 450,000.

Agent Huseyin Kuset told that there were "some people interested" in the last two weeks, and that the seller was selling while they were moving.

But he kept his mouth shut about whether the distinctive decor of the house would be a selling point – or a turn-off.

"Some like it and some do not," he said.

"It's personal – some people are very fond of painting and furniture, and some say it's too much and it's an exaggeration.

"It depends on personal taste."

Coolaroo is a suburb of Melbourne, 19 miles north of the CBD's Victorian capital.

The average price for a three-bedroom suburban home is $ 485,000, while the

Average rental price is $ 350.

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