QLD shrubs: residents said to leave now in Deepwater, Baffle Creek, Beach Rules, Oyster Creek, Finch Hatton


UPDATE, 9PM: Queensland is preparing for unprecedented fire conditions tomorrow, with more than 80 fires across the state.

The Deep Water communities and the outskirts of the Central Queensland coast were headed immediately as the forest fire continued to advance.

"I know some people may not want to leave their homes. I know this is an extremely difficult situation, but I need you please, please listen to the authorities and you should leave immediately, "said Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk this afternoon.

Extreme conditions are expected throughout the state on Wednesday as the heatwave continues.

Of particular interest, it is a valley moving from the west to the coast.

"This is generating storms and lightning, but not much rain, unfortunately. So these dry spokes are a chance to ignite more fires as you head for the coast, "said Queensland State Manager, Bureau of Meteorology Bruce Gunn.

media_cameraFirefighters work to control a fire near Agnes Water.

"It's going inland today and closer to the coast tomorrow. There is a drier air behind this depression and this only increases the risk of fire, while instability creates a very potent and dangerous situation. "

QFES inspector Andrew Sturgess said they were unprecedented conditions in Queensland.

"We have a combination of dangerous elements lined up tomorrow. Wind changes, instability, a firestorm, lots of spots ahead of the fires, are by no means a bad day, they are record conditions, they are extreme conditions like we have never seen before in Queensland. "

The government took the rare step of informing all mayors across the state in anticipation of these dangerous conditions on Wednesday.

QFES Commissioner Katarina Carroll said 107 NSW employees were sent to the Agnes Water area today and more aid was on the way.

media_cameraFires burning in Netherdale near Finch Hatton, where villagers were evacuated.

One hundred extra officers will arrive from NSW in the next few days, while Carroll said 225 police were ordered from elsewhere.

"What we have is the combination of the most horrendous conditions in the next 48 hours," she said.

"The combination of climate, heat, fire is simply awful.

"The heat wave continues to go on for a few more days. There is no rain in it and there is no rest.

media_cameraAn image taken on Tuesday, November 27, 2018, shows a forest fire in central Queensland, threatening homes in Deepwater and Baffle Creek. Image: AAP Image / QLD Fire & Emergency

The weather department predicts extreme heat waves from Thursday to Toowoomba.

It is envisaged that border cities from the Northern Territory to the east coast will experience temperatures above 40C until Monday. Townsville recorded its hottest November day yesterday at 41.7C.

As Queensland's worst forest fire hit its property, Deepwater's Mark Reiser only had time to take a picture of his children and his companion, Emily the joey.

Reiser is one of more than 1,500 people displaced from the deepwater community, about 60 km north of Bundaberg, due to unprecedented forest fires.

Students and teachers were forced to shelter the night before in the classroom at Eungella Elementary School after the streets were closed.

media_cameraFirefighters from the rural Wartburg firehouse prepare to take the road. Photo: Mark Cranitch

UPDATE: Residents of Deepwater, Baffle Creek, Rules Beach and Oyster Creek were forced to leave immediately as the fires continued to advance, making it likely that it would soon be very dangerous to drive.

The most recent advice from QFES is that the extremely large and intense fire is traveling in the southwest direction to Muller Rd and should impact the above communities.

All residents of Deepwater, Baffle Creek, Rules Beach and Oyster Creek should evacuate westward to Miriam Valley using Tableland Rd and Fingerboard Road, said the QFES.

Crossing Hills Rd, Coast Rd and Oyster Creek Rd, Baffle Creek is under imminent threat.

The QFES said the conditions are now very dangerous and that the firefighters may soon be unable to prevent the advance of the fire.

media_cameraThe charred entrance to a property in Deepwater. Photo: Mark Cranitch

"Fire can pose a threat to all lives directly in its path," a statement said.

"Fire crews may not be able to protect their property."

Craig Magick, director of the Gladstone fire department, said there is scope for access to these areas.

"There is a possibility that the Deepwater Bridge may be impacted and, if it does, it will be cut off from all traffic during that time.

"If the bridge is cut, people will be trapped in that area during the fire.

"It's a precaution at the moment, we're not planning on that, but, like I said, this fire is quite unpredictable and we're doing everything we can to keep it within the containment lines."

media_cameraMark Reiser with Joey Emily (10 months) had to evacuate his Deepwater property. Photo: Mark Cranitch

Early: Another community is now considered to be threatened by forest fires in Queensland after police declared an emergency zone in an area around the town of Finch Hatton, 57 km west of Mackay.

A statement from the Queensland Police Service stated that the statement was made under the Preservation and Public Security Act at 3:40 pm.

City residents are being invited to attend the Finch Hatton Show Grounds, now an evacuation center, and register with the authorities.

The "Declaration Area" covers the boundaries of Cattle Creek to the north; Debonis Rd to the west; Seninis Rd to the east and Dalrymple Range to the south, "the statement said.

media_cameraDevastation caused by deep-water fires. Photo: Mark Cranitch.

Early: The first glimpses of the devastation of ground fire in central Queensland reveal several homes destroyed and many more damaged.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services are planning to find more than just four destroyed homes as the area is occupied by people living in vans or tents.

A survey of the destruction occurred this afternoon, while the Boeing 737 drove another 15,000L of sky drops.

media_cameraClosing the road near Baffle Creek, which is in the line of fire as fires advance southwest. Photo: Mark Cranitch.

Firefighters on the ground say one of the biggest challenges has been the rapid change in the direction of the wind.

At any moment, the conditions are still precise, just so that a rapid burst will appear, causing small occasional fires in the dry vegetation.

Pacific Drive properties in Deepwater are among the most affected today.

The fire continues south-west to the districts of Baffle Creek, Oyster Creek and Rules Beach.

November 26, 2018. A fire hits Agnes Waters in Queensland as firefighters fight more than 50 fires across the state. Hundreds of people have fled their homes in Deepwater, Baffle Creek and Rules Beach as the fire continues to blaze in erratic winds north of Bundaberg. Authorities fear homes will be lost when the monstrous forest fire, triggered by erratic winds, continue to burn on the central coast of Queensland. (AAp Video / Tamara Holland) NO FILE, FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY

RAW: Fire Rage on Agnes Waters

Most residents have sought shelter in the vicinity of Agnes Water and Miriam Vale, but other owners have remained in the fire zone in an attempt to defend their homes.

Fire conditions must intensify around deepwater communities, Baffle Creek, Rules Beach and Oyster Creek, as Queensland and interstate firefighters arrive to help fight the fire.

media_cameraRockets are emerging as a result of constantly changing wind conditions. Photo: Mark Cranitch.

Queensland Fire and Rescue Services issued a statement at 7:20 am, reiterating that residents of the area must follow their plans for survival.

"The progress of the fire has slowed overnight, but it should intensify throughout the day and travel south-west," the statement said.

media_cameraDeepwater forest fires destroyed the building and destroyed the property. Image: Chris Clarke

A QFES spokesman said that forty crew members were on the ground in Deepwater and a separate fire front in Round Hill.

He said that residents of the areas covered by the forest fire alert "watch and act" should follow the advice of the authorities, as conditions must deteriorate throughout the day.

"It is still moving toward these communities and is currently impacting the Deepwater community," the spokesman said.

media_cameraA burnt dwelling in Deepwater. Image: Chris Clarke

The Department of Meteorology predicted that the weather conditions around Agnes Waters and Deepwater would decrease slightly today, with winds ranging from 20 to 30 km / h bringing moisture into the atmosphere. The maximum current expected for the area is 30C.

"Less dry west wind like yesterday and more sea breeze," said a spokesman for the agency.

The spokesman warned that tomorrow will bring warmer conditions to the fire (34-35C), next to dry winds to the west that would make difficult the fire fight.

"It will be a very volatile day in terms of the weather," the spokesman said.

It was believed that a Firebird helicopter capable of burning the forest fires from the skies was on its way to the area, which was declared a disaster area last night.

Two houses were confirmed as destroyed by the emergency services, although some media said earlier this morning that as many as four may have been demolished by the fire.

Early Queensland Fire and Emergency Services told residents in Deepwater, Baffle Creek, Rules Beach and Oyster Creek districts in central Queensland that they are now emerging as a dangerous forest fire that again threatens the region.

The latest advice from the QFES says the fire is currently traveling south-southwest from Capricornia Drive and Pacific Drive on Deepwater toward Baffle Creek, Rules Beach and Oyster Creek.

"This fire is affecting the Deepwater community now and should begin to impact Baffle Creek, Rules Beach and Oyster Creek in the next four hours," the council says.

"The fire can have a significant impact on all communities.

"All Deepwater, Baffle Creek, Rules Beach and Oyster Creek residents must evacuate westward to Miriam Vale using Tableland Road and Fingerboard Road. The evacuation center is Miriam Vale Community Center at 41 Blomfield Street. "

Craig Crawford on Monday signed the disaster declaration for the Gladstone local government area, including the Baffle Creek, Wartburg, Deepwater, Agnes Water, Round Hill, Miriam Vale and Bororen.

Residents said to "leave now"

Heat wave before summer starts

The couple's escape from "thunder and roar"

"These areas are under severe threat of fire or have already been hit by fire and the disaster declaration will ensure that the necessary agencies, including fire and emergency services and the police, have the powers they need to respond effectively," he said. he.

"This includes giving the police the power to forcibly remove the villagers and prevent them from returning to their homes until they are completely safe."

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk was informed this afternoon and said that Baffle Creek, Rules Beach and Deepwater were areas of concern as the fire moved south.

"If you live in these areas, you should listen to the authorities and you should leave," she said.

"If you leave, do not return.

"There may be some people who want to come back, this intensity of this fire and the smoke conditions that come from this fire make it a health risk as well as a risk to human safety.

"Queensland is going through an unprecedented heat wave at the moment.

"We have temperatures in our state between 6 and 10 degrees higher than we have seen before this time of year.

media_cameraAerial view of Queensland's central fire front. Picture: Queensland Fire & Rescue Services `

"We have more than 70 forest fires throughout our state.

"All our teams are doing everything they can.

"We have reinforcements coming from New South Wales.

"One hundred extra firefighters will be on the front line tomorrow. They have already shipped the Coulson 737, the water-bomber plane.

"I'll also get in touch with Daniel Andrews (Premier) to see if Victoria can also reinforce."

QFES Commissioner Katarina Carroll said the fire perimeter extended to 66 kilometers.

"For those who have moved, we do not expect them to return to their homes in the next few days," she said.

In the deep-sea soil, there are 45 trucks in the ground, plus seven aircraft that handle from above, she said.

Deep-sea residents can now register for Red Cross Australia's Register.Find.Reunite service.

"If you have been affected, register now so your friends and family know you're okay or ask if your loved ones are safe and sound," police said.

"To register or meet someone click on the link and follow the online instructions.

"A hotline is also available at: 1800 442 182"

Photographer John Wilson flew over Deepwater during the night and there were occasional fires from Baffle Creek to Agnes Water, with some menacing properties in the area.

"All the way down to the coast there were fires in place as far as you could see," he said. And there was (quite) heavy smoke … it seemed rather sinister. "

"It must have been pretty scary (on the floor). We flew over the water and it became clear … and (looking inland) was like a great smokescreen along the coast.

media_cameraFirefighters descend to Pacific Drive in Deepwater on Monday. Image: Paul Beutel / AAP


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