Police Car Spotted with Parking Penalty of $ 200 in Western Australia


A Perth police officer probably had an unpleasant surprise when he returned to his parked car to find a $ 200 fine.

Photos sent to Perth – a Whinge group on Facebook show the police vehicle with what appears to be a $ 200 parking ticket trap under the windshield wipers.

According to the ticket, the car was caught standing at a "no-parking" spot on Bennett St, east of Perth, on Australia Day.

The post received mixed reactions, with some people praising the brave parking inspector.

"Over time they are responsible for the same laws," one person wrote.

Another said, "This is a parking inspector who likes to live dangerously."

However, others criticized the ticket as "poor quality," indicating that police often need to park quickly when responding to a call.

"That's a bad way. Giving a marked car is very bad. I'd bet that's taken, "one of them commented.

One person even suggested that the parking inspector who issued the fine should lose his job.

Others claimed that the officer probably would not have to pay the fine anyway.

One person said, "They are fined, but they are not forced to pay it. It just gets spoiled and gets thrown out.

Many commentators agreed, saying that even if they had to pay the fine, it would be only one part of the government giving money to another.

Other people believed that the whole thing was a joke of a driver who put his own parking ticket under the windshield.


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