Sunday , October 17 2021

PM outlines economic agenda, war on bureaucracy

Morrison will use the speech to pressure the Labor Party to fund the $ 158 billion in tax cuts, announce the bureaucracy mission to be led by Assistant Minister Ben Morton and outline his interest in reforming labor relations.

His intention is right to antagonize environmentalists and others with years of discussion on major projects, including the Adani mine in Queensland, setting the stage for bitter discussions about the environmental impact of any loosening of environmental regulations.

He will also name the government bureaucracy as one of the top priorities and declare his intention to accelerate approvals for large projects like mines, comparing his mission of clearing "cholesterol in the arteries" to business investments.

"Protectionist sentiment and trade conflict, especially between China and the US, are weighing heavily on global trust and here in Australia too," Morrison said, according to a draft of the speech.

"Uncertainty over Brexit is also not helping, though the impact on Australia is rather quiet.

"The unfolding of all these events are proper goals for the global economy, as the broader consensus points to the fundamentals of the global economy being relatively solid."

Morrison will say that "international risks have risen" over the first half of this year, naming it as an urgent issue for the Group of 20 world leaders he will attend in Japan later this week.

In an important statement on labor relations, Morrison will challenge the union movement to crack down on law-breaking officials, not directly mentioning construction union chief John Setka and opposition leader Anthony Albanese's effort to oust him of the Labor Party.

Morrison will emphasize his intention to put the Guaranteed Integrity Bill into parliament next week to toughen penalties against registered organizations and law enforcement officials, but it will also signal a broader view of industrial law.

"Like you, our government believes in cooperative workplaces," he tells the business group in Perth.

"In his new role as Minister of Industrial Relations, I am asking Christian Porter to take a fresh look at how the system is operating and where there may be impediments to shared earnings for employers and employees.

"Any change in this area should be evidence-based, protect the rights and rights of workers, and have clear gains for the economy and for Australian workers.

"We would expect business organizations like yours to build the evidence for change and help bring the community along with you as well."

The message is a direct appeal to business leaders to change industrial relations without compromising the government with any specific proposals and letting others lead the debate.

In the bureaucracy, Morrison will also indicate his ambition to implement major changes over time and will reveal that Morton, a trusted ally during the election campaign and the leaking of leaders last August, will lead this effort.

"There is a clear need to improve approval timings and reduce regulatory costs, but in many cases regulators are making things worse," Morrison said in the draft speech.

"See the WA Environmental Protection Authority and the uncertainty it has created about the new emissions requirements for the resource sector. Companies will also make valid criticisms from many Commonwealth agencies and departments. "

Morrison will pledge a "renewed focus" on regulatory reform, noting that cutbacks in coalition savings have saved about $ 5.8 billion in the three years to 2016.

"Instead of setting goals for government departments or agencies, we will be asking the broader question from a company's point of view, for example, opening a mine, marketing a new biomedical innovation, or even starting a home-based family business. , "He will say.

"I urge business people in this room and Australia to engage in this process.

"The first step is to get a picture of the regulatory anatomy that applies to major sectoral investments. The second step is to identify the locks. The third step is to remove them, like cholesterol in the arteries.

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