Perfect host Sunrise response to paparazzi


Samantha Armytage shared a series of "free" and "mundane" photos of herself after being photographed by a "weird" photographer while shopping.

O Sunrise Host led to Instagram to post selfies of herself with shopping bags and in her car in an attempt to make the pictures taken of her "value nothing".

"A chilling paparazzi followed me (post-gym) to Woollies this morning to get (undoubtedly unflattering) mundane pictures of mine doing my groceries," Armytage wrote in the caption.

"So just to make sure they're worth ANYTHING (for those terrible types of Women's Day / Daily Mail), here are some mundane photos and my purchases.

"Oh and I threw action photos of me stuck in the Sydney traffic and (the best of shopping bags) a pig ear for Banjo. Do not say I never do anything for you.

This is not the paparazzi's first ever Army encounter with the Channel 7 host last year sharing a picture of her in Bondi Beach after finding photographers near her.

"Lovely, peaceful, relaxing Sunday swimming with friends … and four paparazzi and a drone. B ** tards, "she captioned the photo.

Armytage accused photographers of trying to "make money from my photos on my swimmers," adding the hashtag "#pissOffPaps".

However, Armytage seemed to be off target with its attack, with photographers flocking instead to Bondi Beach, hoping to take away Kate Hudson, who was dining with her boyfriend Danny Fujikawa in nearby North Bondi Fish.

"Kate Hudson was the money we were looking for," a group photographer confirmed to

"You can papa Sam any day of the week," he added, noting that Sam was "well aware that Bondi, (is) a magnet for high-profile stars" and therefore a magnet for the paparazzi she loathes so much .


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