Overcoming Hair Loss and Forest Fires, an Inspiring Theradome Story – Press Release


SAN FRANCISCO – (BUSINESS WIRE) – When Emily Scher noticed that her hair was thinning and falling, she
did what so many women do when faced with a problem – it went into action
and found a solution. And when California's deadly forest fires brought
destruction for her Malibu community, she did not let that stop her.

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Emily Scher and her family along with the remains of her home after the Woolsey fire. (Photo: Business W ...

Emily Scher and her family along with the remains of her home after the Woolsey fire. (Photo: Business Wire)

We are very excited to share Emily's story with you to show not only
Capillary restoration is possible, but also the power of your resilience.

Emily's Hair Loss Treatment: PRP Injections and Theradome Laser Hair

When exploring options to stop and reverse her hair loss, Emily listened.
on a treatment called platelet-rich plasma injections (PRP). She
found a local medi-spa who offered the therapy and explained how
treatment worked and why it is most effective when paired
with low level laser therapy

PRP treatments involve the injection of the scalp with platelet-rich plasma
withdrawn from its own blood in order to increase blood rich in nutrients
provide hair follicles and stimulate hair growth. Laser
hair growth therapy
also works to stimulate hair follicles, but for
providing a concentrated dose of energy with a precise wavelength of

To maximize your success and get the best results possible,
medi-spa, where Emily received her PRP treatments, recommended that she
Buy one Theradome
laser hair growth helmet
and use it the next day to each of your

For six months, Emily received injections of PRP and used her Theradome
helmet, until the fire came.

Reconstruction after the Woolsey Wildfire, a new beginning with new hair

On November 8, 2018, a forest fire broke out in Malibu, California.
of Los Angeles. Over the course of several days, almost 300,000 people
evacuated the area to safety, including Emily and her two children, as
firefighters were working to contain the fire. All told, nearly 97,000 acres
of burned earth, and 1,634 structures were destroyed.

Fortunately, Emily and her children were safe. However, his house was
no, and they lost pretty much everything they owned. Intensifying in
In the face of adversity, Emily and her children moved in and began to plan
to completely rebuild his house. They worked to embrace
temporary location in the last few months until they can one day return to
the community they love.

However, she no longer had her Theradome helmet and was unable to obtain
another with everything else she needed to replace.

When Theradome learned of Emily's story, inspired by her tenacity,
Theradome was thrilled to be able to help on this small path.
sending him a new helmet.

She not only started wearing the helmet again, she also told a
close friend who is undergoing cancer treatment on therapy and
He also saw improvement with hair loss!

From your experience with Theradome
and laser hair growth therapy, she said: "I wish more people
dealing with hair loss knew this, it really works and I believe it
in that!"

If you would like to support Emily and your family, please click here: https://www.gofundme.com/SCHERGOODMAN-FAMILY-FIRE-FUND.

About Theradome®

Theradome®, a medical device company based in Silicon Valley,
California, produces its products in the United States and specializes in
with laser-based hair growth therapies previously available only in
clinical settings at home. The laser helmets developed by Tamim
Hamid can minimize shedding, thicken existing hair and promote new hair

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