Sunday , October 24 2021

Nick Kyrgios in word war with Toni Nadal after the Italian Open standard


Rafael Nadal's uncle spoke about the controversial behavior of tennis player Nick Kyrgios a few days after the Australian referred to Toni Nadal as "an idiot" on a podcast.

Kyrgios was left out of the Italian Open after throwing a chair on the court during his second round match with Caspar Rudd in Rome with many urging him to be suspended from the ATP Tour.

It came after Kyrgios gave an explosive interview to the podcast At Challenges Remaining, where he ripped Toni Nadal.

"Uncle Toni came out saying:" He has no education. " I'm like, "Bra, I did 12 years at school, you idiot." I'm very polite, I understand that you're upset that I beat your family again, "Kyrgios told the podcast.

Toni Nadal responded by giving an interview to El Espanol, saying that Kyrgios is not "good for the sport" after his collapse at the Italian Open.

"I saw the images of what happened and they are painful," says Toni.

"Kyrgios has entered a dynamic that is hurting him, something is failing in his head because this is not normal for a player, it is bad for tennis now.

"What the ATP should do now is not to give publicity, to make everything less visible, but of course Kyrgios attracts the public."

"If he showed another mentality, he would be able to aspire to the maximum, but I think he has a hard time dealing with the pressure and how complicated it is to compete, it does not do well to the sport and therefore deserves to be sanctioned.

Kyrgios apparently responded with a tweet that some are suggesting is an excavation on Toni. When New York Times Tennis writer Ben Rothenberg tweeted a link to Toni's comments, Kyrgios replied with a comment that "I will try to clear my act."

The ATP decided not to take any further action on its standard in Rome. He will be fined $ 32,500 in addition to losing his money and points in the ranking of the Italian Open.

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