Sunday , March 7 2021

Motorcycle rider cut by cyclists at roundabout: Video

A motorcyclist was forced to stop in the middle of a roundabout in Tasmania after a huge group of cyclists cut in front of her, despite not having a right of way.

Estelle Rose was going to work early Monday morning near Legana in the north of the state when the incident occurred.

A video of the meeting shows Rose walking by the roundabout as a group of more than a dozen cyclists rode straight in front of her, forcing her to hit her brakes and stop in the middle of the roundabout.

She sent the video to Facebook, calling the group for not having consideration for the other users of the road.

"I have the right of way to get off the roundabout, correct?" She wrote.

"No, not according to the mass group of cyclists who force me to stop in the middle of the roundabout to make way for them."

She later updated the post by saying that she had said that the pilot shouted "stop" as a signal for the other cyclists to slow down.

However, it seems that most of the group did not hear and continued to follow the path of Ms Roses.

"I, in my situation, realized that not everyone was slowing down, so I made the call to stop altogether," she said.

"I saved myself from colliding with those who were slow to stop and from causing unnecessary injuries."

The images have been shared more than 2600 times, with people incredulous about the incredibly dangerous act.

"And are they demanding respect on the road? WTF, "one person said.

Another wrote: "Unbelievable. They also have to obey the rules of the road. "

Others claimed that cyclists were being "arrogant."

There were some commentators who claimed Rose was wrong to stop.

"You're guilty of stopping. Never stop at a lane like that. NEVER, "said one person.

Another man who claimed to be behind the group of riders said that although "it sounds absolutely terrible", cyclists were not completely guilty.

"You did not indicate the roundabout and because of that gave the group the idea that you were moving on," he wrote.

He apologized for the "bad experience," but assured Mrs. Rose that it was a "misunderstanding and definitely not arrogance."

"It was a mistake and both the riders and the driver were wrong," he said.

But others did not agree that both parties were guilty, noting that it was the cyclists who broke the rules of the road, not the motorcyclist.

Some claimed that you could see that her gauge was on the video and it was already clear that she was planning to turn in front of the cyclists before they even reached the roundabout.

"The push riders took off after she went from the point of going forward," one person said.

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