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Melbourne pub, Sandringham Hotel, replaces the playground with iPads

A Melbourne pub is facing customer reaction after demolishing the playground and replacing it with an iPad station.

The Sandringham Hotel made the modern change during recent renovations in the pub's dining area.

Pub Manager Erson Carbajosa, told theHerald Sun, they already had complaints about the noise that the playground produced and made the change in an attempt to "get new customers".

But it seems like some of the regular customers are not too impressed with the updated entertainment of the kids.

Some customers have left comments sharing their disappointment in the swap.

"I am a complete renovation, but unfortunately I am not a fan of that, the children's play area (like a card for young families) has been used as an iPad corner for children," one person wrote. "Actually, a horrible idea if you think about it."

This sentiment was echoed in other comments.

"Only disappointment was the playground being replaced by 10 tablets / iPads at a long table – as we go there guys this is the opposite (a) what we should teach our kids. Please consider adding a small play area for younger children. "

Another review said, "We went there, as we thought there was a playground, unfortunately they removed it now."

A mother of two anonymous also told Herald Sun this addition of iPads was "disgusting" and she refused to let her children use them when dining there. got in touch with the Sandringham Hotel to comment.

Not everyone seemed bothered by the renovation, with several comments praising the new look.

"A great place to chat with a group of friends for casual dining. The steak house had a modern refurbishment with a technology corner for the kids, "one person wrote.

"Thank God they renovated this place … looks great," said another.

One added, "After the renovation, Sandy is more attractive as a place to stop and have a drink or something to eat."

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