Married At First Sight's Mel once had an affair with the new hostess Wippa


A bride at first sight has been confronted with her romantic past during a live music exchange on the live radio.

Talent executive Mel appeared in Nova Fitzy and Wippa show this morning to discuss his "marriage" with spiritual enthusiast Dino, when his last relationship with Michael "Wippa" Wipfli – with whom she used to work at a radio station in Perth – was created.

"Melissa, this is the first time we met, so I apologize if that's a bit ahead, but my other half used to live with Wippa in Perth," said co-host Sarah McGilvray. "We saw a promo (for MAFS), and he was really shocked when you appeared on the screen, and then he showed me this picture of you and Michael Wipfli.

"So how do you two know each other? Because the Wips do not confirm exactly how you knew each other and we know it's not just work … "

Before Mel could respond, Wippa appeared, explaining, "Mel worked at the front desk for a while, and I was doing the breakfast show in Perth, so as a team, we'd all hang out together."

After being questioned for more details, Mel confirmed that they had a "good relationship" and were "very close".

"How close? Like a suit nearby?" Sarah asked, before Wippa interfered again.

"We were not in a relationship, we were together sometimes, we kissed a few times," he said, adding that it was "10 or 12 years ago."

Wippa has been married to his wife Lisa for almost six years and the couple share two small children, Ted and Jack.

Meanwhile, in last night's episode Married at first sightMel admitted that she had not had sex for "eight years" – and, due to her lack of chemistry with Dino, is a situation that probably will not change during the show.

The couple had a rough start before they even met, with Mel accidentally asleep, which delayed her two hours and with a sharp trigger for collapse.

She arrived and saw that the bridegroom was not even waiting at the altar – though he went out on a horse like a "surprise", which fell like a lead balloon.

In a series of intense conversations, Dino told him all about his spirituality, which increasingly left Mel with doubts about its compatibility.

The whole wedding seemed to be in trouble, but this morning's meeting really increased the level.

When the first flames squirmed in the radio segment, even Sarah could not help asking Wippa, "Why am I sweating for you? This is awful. "

Married at first sight It continues at 19:30 tonight at the Nine.


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