Marissa At First Sight, Melissa, beats with Dino secret recordings


The relationship between Melissa and Dino was officially imploded after the bride Married At First Sight discovered that her fiance had committed the final betrayal.

During the episode Wednesday night, Melissa was confronted by Dino, who claimed to have heard her complaining about her relationship while on the phone with her sister.

"In all this talk, all I heard was to bag Dino," he told Melissa.

"You literally took words and put them in another scenario," Melissa snapped, refusing to apologize. "This is unfair. I'm talking to my sister about me. "

"I feel a bit betrayed and hurt by him doing it," Melissa told the producers.

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But things got worse the next day when Melissa discovered that things had gone a little further and Dino had actually recorded the phone call, along with another conversation between them.

"I wanted to record it and do the same for both of us, to really see where we really are wrong and what we can do to really get through it. So that was my intention," Dino argued.

"You can not see what you did! You recorded (me), you violated my trust, my respect! Melissa yelled back.

"You're unbelievable! What you did was sneaky, calculating! I do not have confidence for you! Like, I feel sick!

Melissa and Dino's fight continued at dinner, with a furious Melissa demanding that he play the recordings in front of everyone.

Watching the drama unfold on their TV screens, the TV experts were shocked by Dino's actions and believed the couple could not move forward.

"This is an act of betrayal," said Trisha Stratford, while Mel Schilling added that their relationship was at the "death rattle" stages.

"I think what we're seeing here is the end of this couple," said John Aiken.

Viewers also condemned Dino's decision to record Melissa, labeling her "strange" and "creepy."

Melissa opened up on Dino's covert recordings earlier this week, saying that Paul & Lise, from Perth 96FM, was "out of my mind" when she made the breakthrough.

"He was secretly recording on me, there's no excuse for that and it's a creepy AF," Melissa said.

"The only way I found out about this was when I caught him at another time trying to record a conversation between us where he was kind of trying to get me to say different things."

Married at first sight continues Sunday 7pm on Channel 9.


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