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Margaret Court criticized by Lawrence Mooney as "abominable"


Tennis icon Margaret Court once again shared her opinion after asking Tennis Australia (TA) to show her the same respect as Rod Laver in celebrating the 50th anniversary of her Grand Slam next year.

Court won all four major areas in 1970 and ended his career with 24 Grand Slam titles – the largest in history – but has sparked controversy in recent years with his opposition to same-sex marriage.

Gay marriage in Australia was legalized after the 2017 plebiscite, but the court disagrees with it for religious reasons, because the Bible says marriage must be between a man and a woman.

The 77-year-old was persecuted for her opinions, demanding that the court honoring her in Melbourne Park be renamed.

This year, Australian legend Laver has been celebrated in all major tournaments in recognition of him winning the Grand Slam in 1969, and Court is convinced she deserves the same treatment, especially in her home country.

"I think Tennis Australia should sit down and talk to me," Court said. The Sydney Morning Herald and The age. “They never called me. No one talked to me directly about it. I think they prefer not to confront you.

“They brought Rod from America. If they think I'll just show up, I don't think so. I think I should be invited. I hope they pay my way to come as they paid for his and honor me. If they won't do it, I really don't want to go. "

Court added that her views on gay marriage should have nothing to do with tennis's legacy and that she has nothing against homosexuals, but simply believes they should not be allowed to marry.

"I don't think any of this should be brought to my tennis career," Court said. "It was a different phase of my life from where I am now and if we are not big enough as a nation and as a game to meet these challenges, there is something wrong."

The court doubled later today in Nine News. “I hope they do the right thing and that I am honored. It was a part of my life that I loved and enjoyed, ”she said.

"They shouldn't bring all this (their comments about the anti-gay marriage) in my sneakers."


The court decision has sparked much debate in Australia.

Australian comedian and host of the Triple M Sydney breakfast show Lawrence Mooney said Court's attitude toward gays has no place in society.

"You can't use her" views are popular "and" she has the right to use them "to be homophobic, you just can't," Mooney told the Channel 9 Today program.

"And if you're homophobic, there's no room for you in public life.

“Discriminating about sexuality is a crime, so it is legislated against.

“Margaret Court's views on same-sex marriage and sexuality are abhorrent and she should be excluded from sport until she fits.

"It's absolutely disgusting.

“Margie, follow up until 2019.

"Margaret Court needs to stop discriminating against people."

Today News reader Tom Steinfort has suggested that AT may follow the lead of newly appointed Australian Rugby League (ARLC) Commission chief Peter V landys, who said former Wallaby Israel Folau is not well-off. coming on NRL because your now famous anti-gay comments don't align with code values.

"If they want to lead here, no one dealt with this issue better than Peter Völandys when he was asked about Israel Folau the other day," Steinfort said. "He said the game is inclusive and Israeli comments are not inclusive.

"If you don't want to be inclusive, you are not welcome.

"I wonder if Tennis Australia can use this as inspiration here."

Steinfort added: "We recognize her tennis record, but also the disgusting nature of many things she has had to say over the years."

Today Host Deborah Knight said it was a "really complicated" situation because of the dilemma involved in erasing Court's sporting achievements because of her personal opinions.

"You need to take your hat off for the incredible achievements she has achieved in tennis. You can't ignore that – Knight said.

"We delete the story because we don't agree with it? We can't do that, can we?

"You just can't recognize what she achieved in tennis."

State Political Editor for The Daily Telegraph Anna Caldwell also weighed on Nine.

"Her polarizing views on same-sex marriage have nothing to do with what she got on the court," Caldwell said. “Tennis Australia will have to find a way to recognize this, in my opinion.

"I disagree with them (court opinions), but she is not a criminal, she has every right to support those opinions.

"She is one of our best athletes ever and the idea that her personal opinions about same-sex marriage come close to how we treat our athletes is scary, not where we want to be in a country."

Speaking on 5AA radio in Adelaide, former AFL star Stephen Rowe said: "Margaret has not returned to the Aussie Open since being punished for the game – and she was – for her Christian beliefs. (She) has not returned to court since the debate. about same-sex marriage. I think it's sad and wrong – there must be a solution somewhere to make it happen.

“Margaret Court is a legend, the greatest tennis player of all time the world has ever seen – see your record. She is a Christian and is a reverend who quotes from Bible verses. I am not advocating what she has done publicly, but we are in a wounded world as a nation if the politically correct outweighs it. "

ABC Breakfast co-host Michael Rowland said Tennis Australia was required to acknowledge the Court's achievements. "On a purely tennis front, they really need it and she's right," Rowland said.


Unsurprisingly, the Court generated much debate on social media.

Channel 7 reporter Nick McCallum tweeted, “Margaret Court is right. She must be considered a tennis legend. Of course, she can be criticized for her out-of-court statements, but her achievements in court are unmatched and must be celebrated. She deserves the honor of an arena by her name.

In reference to her threat to not attend the Australian Open if she does not receive the same treatment as Laver, Fox Sports journalist Mark Gottlieb tweeted: "Margaret Court canceling culture is a very good result here."

Well-known Australian entertainment reporter Peter Ford tweeted, "This is a startling start to the day I wake up agreeing to Margaret Court."

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