Marcus Hutchins, known for stopping WannaCry, pleads guilty in case of bank malware


Recap: Marcus Hutchins was arrested in 2017 in association with the development of Kronos banking malware. Later, he would face more accusations, including the malware strain UPAS Kit and lying to the FBI. All told, Hutchins was hit with 10 felony counts, but a court settlement will see the talented security researcher fallen from grace only if he pleads guilty to two counts.

Marcus Hutchins, known online as MalwareTech, pleaded guilty to two in every ten bank malware-related crimes. Hutchins became a night-to-day sensation after containing the WannaCry malware attack, being praised as the "WannaCry Hero".

In August 2017, just a few months after having retained WannaCry, Hutchins was arrested in Las Vegas after leaving the Black Hat and Def Con security conferences. He was in charge of developing the Kronos banking trojan. After a charge of substitution, he was subsequently charged with a second malware known as the UPAS Kit, in addition to lying to the FBI.

"As you may know, I pleaded guilty to two malware-related charges in the years before my security career," Hutchins wrote in a statement on its Web site. "Having grown up, I have since used the same skills I have used for years for constructive purposes, and I will continue to devote my time to keeping people safe from malware attacks." "

In a plea deal, Hutchins pleaded guilty to two of the ten charges: one being he intended to hand out Kronos, and the other being a conspiracy. For every charge, Hutchins can face up to 5 years in prison and $ 250,000 in fines. Hutchins has not yet been convicted, and it is currently unclear when the sentence will be handed down.


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