Man discovers baby crocodile in neighbor's pool in Tully Heads


When you thought the pool in your yard was safe from crocodiles, think again.

Tully Heads resident Noel King made the shocking discovery of a crocodile about 1m long at his neighbor's pool this morning when he went to clean it.

The seafront home belongs to Townsville Councilwoman Margie Ryder and her husband Geoff, who often visit the estate for vacation.

"I came to clean the outlet of the filter box in the pool, I raised the lid and there was the alligator in the box," King said.

"I've seen lots of crocodiles here because it sits right on the beach, but I've never seen any in the pool.

"A couple of months ago, a house had a crocodile in the front yard."

King said the Department of Environment and Science came to the property to remove the crocodile.

"You can not take a dip in the water because it has alligators, now you can not even take a dip in your own pool because the alligators," he said.

Ryder said the pool was fully fenced, which made the discovery more disturbing.

"Being only 1m long and lean, the pool panel fence is about 100mm wide, so it's likely he escaped," he said.

"I would not want to swim at midnight and then run into him.

"You see crocs along the beaches there a little though."


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