MAFS hot brother has a stripper past


Married At First Sight fans are freaking out for the star of last night's episode, Jessika's "younger brother" Rhyce Power.

But besides being the super protective brother, the tattooed guy has a surprise – working in the adult entertainment industry on weekends.

"Rhyce is a waiter and stripper for us," said a spokesman for Magic Men Australia. "It is what it is."

Details of Rhyce's harsh past came after a series of insect risks appeared online, showing him in provocative poses with several different women.

Posting professional photos of an event on Saturday, Jan. 26, the company said, "So who saw MAFS tonight? You can recognize one of our newest Magic Men. What do you think, ladies? "

The stripper and topless waiter took off their clothes to serve the thirsty guests on a night of "sexy indulgence" event in Melbourne.

In one photo, Rhyce channeled his inner Channing Tatum, posing next to a bunch of smiling women.

Another cheeky snap shows that he seems to have an arm wrestling match with one of his muscular counterparts.

"The most luxurious night of the ladies," says the event's legend on the page, which has more than 15,000 Australian fans.

While he has recently joined the Magic Men, the carpenter is no newbie to the X rated entertainment scene. has discovered a promotional poster for another pickling company from 2012.

In this spicy shot, a fresher-faced Rhyce still has his signature six packs, but only a few of his distinctive tattoos.

His "Thicker Than Water" design can be seen clearly stamped on his chest as well as the top of his sleeve on his left arm.

After her appearance on the show, Rhyce became an overnight sensation.

The handsome carpenter spent a good deal of time looking serious to the producers about his concerns about Jessika's love game, but people were focused only on their beautiful appearance.

His Instagram account had a huge increase in numbers, jumping from about 10,000 followers after the show aired last night to more than 31,000 in less than 24 hours.

Rhyce confirmed to Daily Mail Australia previously, he is a male stripper from the Magic Men Australia agency.

"I'm a carpenter. But yes, I do this (taking) on ​​the side, "he said.

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