Live markets: Hayne report due Monday


Bank of Melbourne Senior Economist Janu Chan The absence of US economic data "makes it a little complicated" to understand what is happening to the economy. "And that creates a bit of uncertainty about what's really going on there." However, economists can get a sense of economic sentiment from activity indicators. Ms. Chan adds that non-farm payroll indicators were released, and were stronger than expected for December at 312,000, compared with expectations for 184,000.

The Bureau of Economic Analysis website says data scheduled for this week and next week will be postponed because of the effects of the partial shutdown of the government.

These reports are:

Gross Domestic Product by State for the third quarter of 2018, originally scheduled for release on Tuesday, January 29.
The "advance", or initial, estimates of Gross Domestic Product for the fourth quarter of 2018 and for the entire year 2018, initially scheduled for release on Wednesday, January 30.
Personal income and expenses for December 2018, originally scheduled for Thursday, January 31.
International Trade in Goods and Services for December 2018, originally scheduled for Tuesday, February 5.

"BEA has not yet set new release dates for these economic reports, and new release dates will be set for three other economic reports that were originally set to be released as parts of the government were closed: US International Investment Position for the third quarter of 2018, scheduled for December 27; US International Trade in Goods and Services for November 2018scheduled for January 8; and GDP per industry for the third quarter of 2018, forecast for January 24. "

"The BEA reopened on Monday and is consulting the US Census Bureau and other data providers to determine the availability of the thousands of data sets used to produce our economic indicators.We will then work with the Office of Management and Budget to publish a revised timeline of BEA's economic launches. "

"Until we know more about when source data will be available, we can not say anything definite about the launch dates for specific economic indicators. We will work with it as soon as possible and provide information as soon as possible."


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