Lisa Vanderpump's mother dies a year after her brother's death


Lisa Vanderpump's mother, Jean, died at the age of 84.

According to a statement provided to People, the reality star is "devastated and shocked" and is asking for privacy.

The sad news comes 14 months later the death of Lisa's brother, Mark Vanderpump. The 59-year-old DJ was found dead with suspected overdose in April 2019. His death was considered a suicide.

Lisa recently gave up The Real Housewives of Beverly Hillsand earlier in the week opened about how her grief over her brother's death meant she was not "in the right space" to continue on the show.

Lisa and Mark Vanderpump
Lisa and Mark Vanderpump. (Twitter)

"It was such a brutal season for me, and it was at a time when I was struggling," Vanderpump Rules star said RuPaul. "Everyone always says," Oh, you look like you have your life together, "but I started this show this season, two or three months after my brother passed away, I just was not in the right place .

"I really did, and we talked about this with Andy[Cohenprodutorexecutivodo[Cohenexecutiveproducerofthe[Cohenprodutorexecutivodo[CohenexecutiveproduceroftheReal Housewives franchise]in See what happens live – he said, "I wish I had given you the year off," she reminded him. "I was not prepared.I found that I could not handle something that I could normally handle.Then it went ahead and it was cumulative and in the end I just said," I can not do it anymore. I can not & # 39;

Cohen responded to a fan named Cathy, who accused him of not sending his condolences to Lisa about Jean's death.

"Meanwhile, @ Andy is very busy tweeting about his world, not a mention about LVP losing his mother on Monday," they wrote in a tweet since then deleted. "Shame on you, Andy."

"Cathy contacted us privately on Tuesday, but I appreciate your concern about how and when I sent my condolences," he clapped his hands.

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