Legend of the apex has dragons now


There are dragons in Legends of Apex. I do not know why they're in the game, but they're cool.

As pointed out by PCGamer, dataminers previously found mention of flying enemies in the game code. Dragons were also seen at the end of Legends of ApexSeason 2 teaser during EA Play at E3.

It's still a few weeks into the Season 2 release on July 2, so it's strange to get new content so drastically in a seemingly random way. But here we are: flying beasts can be seen at the top of the game, sometimes carrying lethal boxes full of loot that they will loose if you shoot them enough.

In my second game of the day, I jumped from the dropship and practically landed on a dragon. (According to your character when you touch one, they are called Flyers.) I chased him as he circled aimlessly. It was probably not advisable to spend so much time looking up and chasing him instead of looting for loot or being aware of what surrounded him.

After filming a few times with the help of a teammate, he dropped a purple box with some weapons and armor inside it. I got the guns. My teammate grabbed the armor, unfortunately. Even though I came into the game looking for one of the monsters, finding one was scary.

On YouTube, other players also shared their encounters with the Flyers. Here is a short video of YouTuber Asphyxia Arts in one.

Another clip states that a Flyer stole a death box from the air base, although the robbery can not be seen in the clip. Still, where Does they take these boxes?

According to a wire in the Legends of Apex sudoddit, the names on the dead boxes that the Flyers carry can be someone from the friend list of the person who killed him, the name of one of the game developers or even a reddit moderator.

There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason where monsters appear, although earlier today, the Legends of Apex The Twitter account posted a GIF showing them, with several areas of the map highlighted by the red symbol usually reserved for scoring enemies. Maybe it's here that they spawn?

We'll probably know more about the beasts in a few weeks when Season 2 is released. Until then, they're a pretty dramatic way to get some loot in the game.


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