Kourtney Kardashian hit the negative image of the body


The older of the reality show siblings launched their lifestyle website, POOSH, this week after months of building through social media.

And the result can be summed up in one word: "Really?"

POOSH, which contains rare gems like "Foods to Flatten Your Belly" and "How to Look Good Naked" is perhaps what happens when your marketing team tells you to find a new way to extend your brand while forgetting that lifestyle Kardashian is not exactly synonymous with holistic well-being.

Kardashian's advice to a bare good looks involves buying about $ 2,100 in beauty products – all of them from the Nordstrom department store (and not to mention that the post is sponsored).

Kourt neglects to include liposuction, breast augmentation, the personal trainer and approximately $ 49 million dollars that she has at her disposal to achieve the same. According to Kourtney, all we need is a $ 53 body scrub and a bottle of water and we're ready!

Curiously, this kind of advice has generated criticism of the outdated and deaf message it is presenting to readers.

What else did we expect from the woman who promoted the site with a flurry of semi-naked Instagram photos?

At least she has the support of her family, including Kim, who promoted the site via bodysuit that seemed to be sprayed.


Several commentators on Twitter disagreed with Kourtney's ideas about body image and, you see, they're not wrong. Kourt shares his tips to flatten his belly (spoiler warning: just eat watermelon! It's great for swelling!).

And ways to get a butt like Kourt's, complete with the butt shot mentioned, in a red piece that Kourtney self-careled.

Then there are ways to cut carbs and ways to cut sugar and of course "Three moves to get your abs ready for Bikini".

It's as if Kourtney had no idea that women have rejected this hatred of the veiled body since magazines began to plummet after promoting it for decades. There are real tips on how to "keep your figure".

Who under 75 says the word "figure"? At least Gwyneth Paltrow is clever enough to disguise rigid diets with phrases like "clean eating."

You see, when Gwyneth started her foray into the lifestyle space, we knew she was elitist, but we also knew she actually did this thing – she wore the proof on her back. In terms of marketing, Paltrow had an authentic voice. No matter if that voice was just tuned to rich white ladies, at least GOOP had a taste.

But if POOSH has a taste, it is cotton: which means it has no taste and is very difficult to swallow.

For example, she interviewed her mother, Kris, about "how to be a boss," but both neglected to mention that the two main keys to Jenner's success were to marry a really rich guy and take advantage of the publicity generated by his second wife's homework oldest daughter. porn.

Then there's Kourtney's signature salad – which was baked into social media this week – is, unfortunately, less than inspiring.

The 40-year-old mother of three, who is dating 23-year-old singer Harry Hudson, said the idea for the name, POOSH came from her nickname for her 7-year-old daughter, Penelope.

Associations with Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP are immediate, but is that the look you're looking for for Kourtney? It's not as if Kardashian was suddenly recommending soil and colon therapy, is that it?

There is also some kind of joke with the word "push", as in "My husband gave me a sterling silver pumping as a gift for our first child's cesarean, Icon."

Or, "Even if you overtake plenty of mediocre content, you still have the feeling that it was all as rushed as Kanye's latest album."

Or maybe it was not rushed. Maybe Kourtney is, as her sister Kim declared, the "least interesting" clan. Maybe this is the real one in mid-flight.

The site's name is allegedly the nickname of her eldest daughter, Penelope, but you have to ask yourself if it's a message that any seven-year-old should have around? Source: Instagram

Still, it might work. After all, Kourtney has been selling slimming teas and waist-trainers through their social media platforms for years and earning a lot of money.

And fans seem to be enjoying it as one of Kourt's avocado smoothie recipes. POOSH is already making an impact on Lifestyle space, but it may not be the positive that Kourtney yearns for.


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