Health records to enter the digital age


Personal health records In ACT, the goal is to become digital in the coming years, with the new ACT Health Board introducing a digital health record throughout the public health system.

The play follows the ACT Digital Health Strategy in May and the budget allocation of $ 41 million last year to position the Territory to take advantage of new technologies and advances in healthcare in the future.

The Minister of Health and Welfare, Meegan Fitzharris, said that effective health care means timely health care and that a key part of delivering a health care system across the territory is through a fully digital health care environment integrated.

"We want our healthcare system to offer the best possible care to patients. That means ensuring we can adapt new digital technologies as they evolve to improve healthcare services and clinical care, "said Fitzharris.

"The new Digital Health Record will be person-centered, not focused on clinical specialty or treatment site."

She said the Digital Health Record would ensure that health information was available to those who needed it.

Health Information Director Peter O & # 39; Halloran said the Digital Health Record project would completely transform the health care system.

"It's not just an exciting but crucial development when it comes to maintaining a modern, sustainable health system," said O Halloran.

"ICT systems, through innovations in medical technologies, have evolved so rapidly that, over time, over 250 different systems have been established here in the ACT."

He said the rapid and innovative changes mean that ACT Health has not been able to fully take advantage of new technologies as they become available because the digital environment can be complex to navigate.

"That's why this investment in a comprehensive Digital Health Record will be critical to our future healthcare system," O'Halloran said.

The Digital Health Record project will be launched over a period of eight years to ensure a smooth transition of clinical information to a single system for physicians, staff, patients and caregivers.


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