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Hazel Wildman sacked, wrote his own car & # 39; before the fatality

A woman who took hospital selfies after her friend died in a car accident moments after she made a video on Snapchat, wrote her own car and was fired from her job after partying and sharing her antics in social media.

Hazel Wildman "completely wrote his Suzuki Vitari" at the end of last year, a spokesman for his former workplace told

"It was practically a brand new car. She has had some accidents and the last one was canceled, "said a member of the team at the dog obedience training center.

Known as "Hazey," Mrs. Wildman worked as a kennel attendant at Berkshire Park in the far west of Sydney for a year, but had been "shut up because of her behavior … a lot of partying."

Wildman, 23, made headlines when he took a selfie with 20-year-old Faeda Hunter at Westmead Hospital after being taken from the wreckage of a fatal accident that killed his friend.

Twenty-one-year-old Shania McNeill died after straying into the approaching traffic at Berkshire Park around 1:15 am on Sunday in a horror bust filmed in Snapchat video footage. Ms McNeill's pink Suzuki collided with a Nissan Micra carrying two passengers.

In the filming, a woman can be heard shouting, someone shouts "Shania," and Mrs. McNeill looks wide-eyed into the camera with her mouth open before the vision is cut off.

According The daily telegraphPolice are now investigating reports that McNeill was "playing chicken," stepping in and out of the approaching traffic before the crash.

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The driver of Nissan, an unknown male, and passenger Dennis Sales, 44, managed to get rid of the wreckage, but they did not escape unharmed.

Sales's family is "livid" because his father is in an induced coma to help him recover after a headache that he fears was caused by a social media coup, The daily telegraph reports.

His son's girlfriend, Amy McLean, said that Mr. Sales, a singer from a band, and another man were coming back from a show when the car got in their way. Ms McLean described the alleged circumstances surrounding the incident – in which Ms McNeil appeared to be playing chicken moments before hitting – as "absolutely disgusting".

"We were absolutely livid to know (Ms McNeill) was willing to play with people's lives like that," she said The Daily Telegraph.

"It's so disturbing to know that this happened because of her silly mistake. I'm really shaking. She would be doing this to show off to her friends and they were wrong to record them. "

A member of the public and police held CPR on Ms McNeill, but she died on the spot.

Ms Wildman and Ms Hunter were taken to the hospital with non-fatal injuries.

In her selfie hospital, Mrs. Wildman has a bloody nose and slight wounds on her face, and she and Mrs. Hunter are wearing suspenders around their necks.

The video of the victim's wing that Wildman posted has brought widespread condemnation in social media.

The Guard Dog Training Center office told that Wildman had a habit of posting his weekend activities with friends at Snapchat.

"And then, on Monday, she would send a text message saying she was not feeling well," he said. "More and more, she was not getting to work or always late.

"But there were these photos on Snapchat … we saw what happened.

"She was casual on a five-day deal … but almost every weekend was a long weekend. She is a happy and unlucky party.

"When I saw (the selfie taken by Mrs. Wildman's wound in the hospital after the accident), I thought, that's typical of her."

The official told that Wildman was "driving … and hitting a side mirror" when she wrote her Suzuki sometime between June and September last year.

He said it was "finished" in December, when the dog training center "was fully booked and the owner simply decided to let her go."

"She had notice after notice after notice."

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