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GPU 7nm & # 39; Navi & # 39; and CPU & # 39; Rome & # 39; will be launched in the third quarter

Offering a brief update on the state of future products as part of its post-profit conference call, AMD confirmed that both the upcoming Rome (Zen 2) CPU and the first Navi GPU will be released in the third quarter of this year. .

AMD's Rome obviously does not need introduction. The first AMD product based on its Zen 2 architecture, the chip is built on the 7nm process of TSMC and should offer some interesting improvements in performance and power efficiency. In particular, the chip incorporates a new AMD chip-based design approach, using I / O and separate CPU data to simplify manufacturing and facilitate chip customization.

As AMD's second-generation EPYC processor, we expect Rome to be the big AMD server race – while the first-generation EPYC was primarily to test the waters and prove AMD's readiness, Rome will be where AMD can finally begin to conquer large orders from customers. Overall, AMD says the CPU will be sampled this quarter and released in the third quarter; however, if it is something like Intel's server CPU, the larger, hungry hyper-balancers may end up consuming the entire initial supply.

Meanwhile, Navi is the code-named architecture of AMD's next-generation GPUs. The first Navi GPU, which is also being built in TSMC's 7nm process, is due for release in the third quarter of this year. It should be noted that Navi is not a single GPU, but it must be a family of GPUs (as is traditional for GPUs), so it's not clear what exact model is being released – whether it's the high-end, mid-range or other way. In other comments on his teleconference, AMD said Navi will be priced lower than Radeon VII, but at $ 699 for what is its most expensive consumer card, that does not restrict things. Overall, the third quarter will be two years since AMD's Vega GPU architecture was released and even longer since Polaris, so the entire AMD GPU stack is potentially revamped during the Navi generation.

In terms of technology, we know very little about Navi architecture so far. But if there's a third-quarter launch, that's bound to change soon enough.

This is breaking news. We're adding details as we've learned them.

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